Digital marketing is a broad field that encompasses various advertising elements and one that companies across sectors can utilize. Businesses within any industry can use digital marketing to establish a presence online. If you are interested in working in digital marketing but aren’t sure where to start, know that digital marketers have various specialties they can focus on within the field, depending on their interests: social media, analysis, search engines, video, and email. Best of all, those with expertise in digital marketing can be flexible, working in-house, on a small team, or even freelancing from home. Here are ten of the most popular career paths in digital marketing.

Social Media Marketer

According to Glassdoor, social media marketing professionals can earn a yearly salary between about $42,00 and $140,000. This is quite a wide range and can depend largely on location, company size, skill set, and experience. No matter where you’re located, if you’re interested in a career in the industry, it’s a good idea to add social media marketing skills to your toolbox. Understanding how and when to use these valuable tools can work to your benefit as an entrepreneur or small business owner. Despite having plenty of digital tools available, social media marketing still requires a human touch. Superior social media marketers find the sweet spot between personal and digital.

Marketing Analyst

Another position where those with digital marketing skills can thrive is as Marketing Analysts. Across the United States, marketing analysts can expect to make around an average of $60,000 annually, with salaries fluctuating depending on location and specific field. These digital marketing professionals assist companies with their marketing initiatives, provide analytical support, develop strategies, work on finding the right audiences, perform competitive analyses, and optimize channels.

Web Optimization Specialist

In the United States, Web Optimization Specialists earn an average yearly salary of about $64,000—though that number will differ depending on location. Web Optimization Specialists analyze data and web traffic and make targeted recommendations to increase user engagement and improve the end-user experience. Web Optimization Specialists often work with Web Developers and Designers.

Marketing Manager

Those with an understanding of digital marketing along with experience managing digital professionals can consider looking for a job as a Marketing Manager. This position comes with a salary of about $63,000 across the country. Marketing managers oversee teams who work to grow a company’s business.

Digital Strategist

These digital marketing professionals work on projects like websites, social media, SEO, and digital marketing. They look for opportunities for growth and help clients create content and plan for new website releases. Digital Strategists find places where companies can develop and work to make that happen. On average in the United States, Digital Strategists can expect to make around $61,000 a year, again with numbers ranging higher or lower depending on location.

SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization is an integral part of digital marketing and online advertising, and knowledge of how it works and how to improve it can work in your favor when looking for a job. According to Indeed, depending on location, SEO Specialists in the U.S. earn an average yearly salary of around $53,000. SEO specialists analyze and reconfigure websites to rank them higher in search engines like Google. They research keywords, check analytics, examine rankings, and work to ensure a website is getting displayed prominently in search engine results.

Search Manager

Those with more experience managing teams and working in the digital marketing sector can find work as Search Managers, bringing home around $87,000 annually. A search manager knows how search engines work and how to use them to get results. These digital professionals will generally manage both organic (SEO) and paid search projects.

Content Marketer

Any company, business, or brand with an online presence can use content marketing to enhance its virtual reach. According to Indeed, Content Marketers in the U.S. earn an average yearly salary of around $60,000, which will fluctuate depending on your location and choice of industry.

Brand Manager

If customer experience, messaging, communication, and establishing a company’s persona appeal to you, brand management could be an ideal career path. Across the country, Brand Managers typically earn around $63,000 per year with San Francisco and Los Angeles being among the highest paying cities for brand managers. Brand Managers ensure the content and messaging for a company, product, or brand is uniform across the board. They work across departments, must be organized and creative, and sometimes be able to wear a project management hat as well.

Learn Digital Marketing

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