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SQL Courses NYC

SQL Database Classroom Training

SQL Bootcamp

Learn to answer questions with a database, the ultimate system of record for most organizations. As every industry becomes more data-driven, the value of learning SQL will only grow into the future.

18 Hours


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SQL Server Bootcamp

Master the SQL programming language in this three-day bootcamp. Write queries, learn relational database fundamentals, and conquer advanced techniques such as stored procedures.

24 Hours


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SQL Level I

This Level I course covers SQL fundamentals including relational database management systems (RDBMSs), Microsoft SQL Server, and the SQL programming language. Through this course, you'll gain an understanding of how data is stored and you'll learn how to write queries to make sense of complex data. 

8 Hours


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SQL Level II

Build upon SQL basics to achieve easier and more targeted data analytics. You'll learn how to use views, subqueries, math functions, and logic statements to find data that meet specific search criteria. You'll also learn how to increase report readability by using data conversion functions to format data.

8 Hours


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SQL III students learn how to build and maintain a highly efficient database that incorporates best practices in database management, including exporting external data, creating temporary tables, protecting data integrity, and maximizing procedural efficacy. With these advanced skills in your repertoire, you'll be prepared to launch a career in database management! 

8 Hours


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SQL (Structured Query Language) is the most common programming language used in database management systems across the globe. We offer beginning to advanced SQL training to meet a variety of database management needs. Whether your goals are to understand the essentials of the SQL language and querying data or to create and maintain your own highly efficient database, we have a course and an expert instructor to meet your needs. SQL students learn how to turn complex data sets into actionable insights using techniques including writing queries to sort and filter data, using math functions and logic statements to target specific data, using data conversion functions to maximize report readability, and incorporating advanced functions to establish and maintain efficient database management procedures.

Our SQL courses are taught at our affiliate school, NYIM Training, in Midtown Manhattan. 

Master the Main Database Language Used Today

Mastery of SQL offers countless advantages: increase your marketability as a developer by adding database management to your repertoire of skills, establish a strong foundation of SQL code to kick-start your ability to learn other languages, and master data analysis techniques to make highly impactful, data-informed decisions for your organization.

  • “Great introduction to SQL, top notch professor, and great learning materials.”

    Jason McKenna

Students learning SQL in class

Activity-Based Learning

In our hands-on classes, you'll learn by doing. All of our SQL courses incorporate activities that use real-world databases to practice techniques as well as project-based labs to refine your skills. Everything you learn is practical, relevant, and immediately applicable to your professional context! 

Student learning from professional

Expert Guidance from Industry Professionals

Our courses are taught by long-time industry professionals with years of experience in the field. Beyond engaging in our activity-based curriculum, you'll learn the tips, tricks, and tools of the trade used by database managers today! 

Upcoming SQL Classes in NYC


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SQL Bootcamp Next Class: Jan 27–29, Mon–Wed, 10–5pm Duration: 18 Hours Price: $975
SQL Level III Next Class: Ask us about custom training Duration: 8 Hours Price: $425
SQL Level II Next Class: Ask us about custom training Duration: 8 Hours Price: $325
SQL Level I Next Class: Ask us about custom training Duration: 8 Hours Price: $325
SQL Server Bootcamp Next Class: Ask us about custom training Duration: 24 Hours Price: $915