Top Montreal JavaScript Courses

Find the perfect JavaScript class for you in Montreal. We’ve found 6 courses available in-person or live online with class duration ranging from 6 hours to 6 weeks and pricing ranging from $250 to $3,950.

  • General Assembly JavaScript Course

    This JavaScript course is a flexible program designed to help individuals with a general understanding of HTML and CSS enhance and broaden their front-end development toolkit. Through their blended learning model, students will gain access to pre-learning and expert-led videos to hit the ground running. Students in this course will broaden their knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals, learn the basics of object-oriented programming, and learn best practices when working with jQuery, browsers, and the Document Object Model (DOM). This course will also teach students how to utilize data from various Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and how to persist data using a provider like Firebase. The JavaScript course concludes with a final project where students showcase their enhanced JavaScript knowledge by building a single-page application incorporating many regular design patterns in addition to the consuming and persisting user data from APIs.

    Available live online (virtual training) from anywhere
    • $3,950
    • 60 Hours
    • Evenings
    • Intermediate
  • Practical Programming JavaScript Immersive

    The JavaScript Immersive is meant to provide beginners with the skills they need to start building web applications from scratch. Students will build core web development skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node JS with instructor-led training and project-based work. This 1-week web development course will give beginners the skills and tools they need to start their web development journey.

    Available live online (virtual training) from anywhere
    • $1,250
    • 35 Hours
    • Weekdays
    • Intermediate
  • General Assembly JavaScript Bootcamp

    This JavaScript workshop is a beginner-friendly bootcamp designed for individuals interested in learning the fundamentals of JavaScript. In this hands-on bootcamp, students will be introduced to the core concepts of JavaScript and learn where JavaScript fits in the web development environment. In addition to fundamental concepts, students will also learn about Arrays, Function, Objects, Loops, and more. Students will learn how to write code in the command line and how to interface with a browser. Students will also get a peek into some advanced JavaScript usages to know what to expect as they continue their web development journeys.

    Available live online (virtual training) from anywhere
    • $250
    • 6 Hours
    • Weekdays or Weekends
    • Intermediate
  • Certstaffix Training JavaScript Programming

    JavaScript Basics course starts off by teaching you the basics: syntax, how to access elements, dot notations, methods, and properties. It also covers variables, arrays, and different types of operators. Once basics are covered, it moves on to programming logic such as for/while loops and other conditionals. Finally, you get to apply your JavaScript knowledge by embedding it into HTML/CSS documents to create dynamic and functional websites.

    Live online with optional computer lab access in Montreal (location TBD)
    • $1,740
    • 3 Days
    • Weekdays
    • Intermediate
  • NextGen Bootcamp JavaScript & Flexbox (Web Dev Level 2)

    Learn front-end and interactive JavaScript coding in this intensive 2-week course designed for high school and college students. The curriculum covers loops, arrays, variables, functions, and other JavaScript fundamentals. Students learn advanced CSS techniques for laying out responsive websites (which adapt to different device sizes) using CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid. Attendees also work with the popular Bootstrap framework to rapidly build responsive websites using the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Bootstrap provides. By the end of this course, students will have a strong working knowledge of one of the most popular web coding languages and popular frameworks, including Flexbox, Grid, and Bootstrap to create compelling designs.

    Available live online (virtual training) from anywhere
    • $1,299
    • 30 Hours
    • Weekdays
    • Intermediate
  • Lighthouse Labs Front End Developer Course With Javascript

    Acquire key front-end web developer skills in this six-week beginner-level bootcamp. Participants learn how to design, build, and manage fully interactive websites. Coding novices, current professionals, and budding entrepreneurs all benefit greatly from this course. Specific topics include basic web development principles and an extensive look at programming languages like JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML.

    In-person @ 5455 De Gaspe Ave, Montreal, QC
    • $1,500
    • 6 Weeks, 6 hr/wk
    • Evenings or Weekends
    • Beginner

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