While Python is well known within the data science industry, this language also has uses within the world of web design and development. There are several software programs and web development tools which require some knowledge of Python. Most of these programs focus on the back end of website development, which requires a strong understanding of how computer systems and mobile applications work.

Data scientists with backgrounds in Python can apply their knowledge of the programming language to not only analyze information and data, but to create websites that will showcase their projects in the form of a professional portfolio. Learning Python will give you the skills to work with software and other developer tools and build your resume as a Python Developer.

Understanding the Role of Python in Web Development and Design

As an industry, web development and design revolve around the creation of dynamic websites and pages which are not only visually interesting to users but also programmed to perfection. Web development and design tend to be divided into the front end of development, or the aspects of the website that users can see or engage with, and the back end of development, which influences the way that a website works and how it is run behind the scenes.

For those that are interested in Python for web development, the programming language is most commonly used within back-end development and is currently used in the back end of platforms at some of the largest technology companies across the globe. This is because Python is known within the data science world for its libraries that specialize in the algorithms and artificial intelligence that are crucial to the creation of recommendation systems and machine learning models. Python can be used on the server side of a website through working with interfaces, coding, database design, and responding to any glitches in the system. While there are many roles for web developers, it is also common to specialize in a specific programming language and pursue a career within that specialization.

Developers who primarily program using Python may focus on finding a role as a Python Developer. More general roles in web development can give those with Python programming experience an opportunity to expand their skills in the field and to take a more holistic approach to the development process. When pursuing a career as a Full Stack Developer or Back End Developer, it is useful to learn a variety of programming languages instead of focusing on just one. Knowledge of Python can act as a great complement to learning other widely sought-after programming languages, such as SQL, JavaScript, and C#.

Skills for Python Developers and Data Scientists To Learn

Python is an open-source programming language developed to be widely accessible to users across fields and experience levels. The language also has a community of users that regularly contribute to libraries of knowledge and resources which make the tools and techniques of Python readily available within online platforms and forums. Due to this versatility and ease of instruction, as well as the popularity of Python Developers, there are many skills and software which are essential to applying your knowledge of Python for web development and design projects.

Developing Software with Django

Although JavaScript web frameworks and libraries like React.js and jQuery have gained popularity within web development and design, web frameworks like Django are essential for Python Developers. As an open-source product, Django can be used to build highly scalable web-based applications and platforms. The software is also popular amongst software engineers, and Python Developers and Data Scientists use this framework within the development of software programs.

Designing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

One of the other uses of Python within web development and design is working with application programming interfaces. Commonly known as APIs, Application Programming Interfaces are an important part of software that allow computers or programs to interact with each other. APIs are used as part of the back end of a website, platform, or mobile application. When working with Python, APIs can be developed using frameworks like Django, Falcon, and FastAPI.

Creating Website and Project Portfolios

Data scientists that specialize in Python can also use their knowledge of web development and design to build a website from the ground up. When starting a career in data science, it is important to have a website or portfolio of your projects to display or send to potential employers and collaborators. With Python web development and design skills, you can be sure that your portfolio will stand out from the crowd!

Ready to expand your Data Science and Web Development Skills?

When learning data science or web development there are many overlaps between the skills required to master these programming-focused fields. Data science and web development industries both focus on languages like Python, JavaScript, and SQL to design websites and database management systems. You can consult Noble Desktop’s data science classes and web development courses for bootcamps and certificate programs which train students and professionals in using their programming knowledge for software and web development, as well as the design of websites and databases.

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