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Microsoft Excel Courses

Hands-on Excel Classes in New York

Excel for Business Fundamentals

In this beginner Excel workshop, you'll learn calculations, basic functions, graphs, formatting, printing - with a comprehensive course review at the end of the class. This basic Excel class is perfect for those with limited experience looking to expand their proficiency. 

6 Hours


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Intermediate Excel for Business

In this intermediate Excel class, you'll learn functions such as VLOOKUP and SUMIFs; summarize data with Pivot Tables; Sort & Filter databases; and split and join text.

6 Hours


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Advanced Excel for Business

In this advanced Excel training, you'll learn advanced database functions such as INDEX and MATCH; create basic macros; and use What-If Analysis for Goal Seek and Data Tables.

6 Hours


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Excel for Business Bootcamp

Go from beginner to pro in our 3-day Excel Bootcamp. This package includes three Excel classes—Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced.

18 Hours


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Excel Programming with VBA

This Excel VBA course concentrates on practical automation of repetitious Excel tasks and reports. In this hands-on training, you will write macros to automate your Excel tasks even if the data is not consistently formatted, create custom Excel applications and environments, and create custom Excel Add-ins to increase the functionality of the program.

14 Hours


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Financial Modeling Bootcamp

Learn essential finance & accounting concepts while building a comprehensive discounted cash flow (DCF) model in Excel. This financial modeling class blends finance, accounting and Excel concepts into an intensive 3-day course. 

21 Hours


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FinTech Bootcamp

Securing a position in finance has become increasingly challenging, and candidates must now differentiate themselves with a wide array of technical and analytical skills. This two-week bootcamp prepares aspiring financial analysts with skills in advanced Excel, financial modeling, and data science in Python. The combination of all these skills will allow you to improve your candidacy in all realms of finance.

70 Hours


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Ready to master Microsoft Excel? Uncover data insights with Pivot Tables, advanced formulas, and charts. Expedite tasks with macros and database functions. Learn time-saving techniques, earn certification, and advance your career. Become an Excel expert today in our hands-on courses.

Start with the basics, including formulas, functions, graphs, formatting, and printing in our fundamentals class. In our intermediate course, learn more advanced functions for manipulating text and extracting information from databases, summarize data with Pivot Tables, and manage large databases. In our advanced training, expand on various LOOKUP functions, learn Data Tables and Goal Seek, and create basic macros to automate work.

Our Excel classes are taught at our affiliate school NYIM Training, the experts in Excel training, located at 185 Madison Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

NYC’s Best Excel Classroom Training

The Excel classes offered through NYIM are all designed to teach you the fundamentals of using the application, while simultaneously teaching you time-saving techniques and essential keyboard shortcuts. You’ll learn from industry professional instructors in small classes. And you even have the option of a free retake!

  • “I can honestly say I learned more useful modeling and excel skills from the Financial Modeling Bootcamp then I have through one and a half years of business school. The course effectively conveys key finance, corporate finance, and financial accounting concepts while also offering students the opportunity to build real financial models with real-time data. The 7:1 student to teacher ratio along with the experience and modeling expertise of Mourad offers a unique opportunity for a personalized learning experience. Whether you are a student looking to pursue a career in finance or a current professional simply looking to brush up on your Excel skills, I would highly recommend this course.”

    Noam Lipschutz

  • “This was a great refresher course for some of the deeper financial concepts I have not used since undergrad. I think this course is phenomenal for recent college grads starting off their careers in finance or budget. It's a great intro for learning to navigate excel shortcuts. I am 5 years in my career now and have never had the investment banking background but still have been a financial analyst and been involved in raising capital so the concepts covered were a great refresher for me.”


  • “The way NYIM understood our business model was unmatched. They catered a full three-day bootcamp directly to our specific business needs for a class of 30 analysts. All of the new hires were engaged and walked away with a better understanding of the way that we work in the Microsoft Office suite and the way we evaluate our business. I've been to plenty of Excel bootcamps throughout my career and this was by far the best; engaging, bespoke, and immediately applicable!”


  • “This course exceeded my expectations. Saba is a great instructor! She answered all my questions and went beyond to link it to real life examples.”

    Laura H.

  • “Had a one on one training with Garfield - he was patient, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to expand their excel capabilities in business.”

    Alexandria A.

  • “Great class! The content was well organized and the instructor was excellent. He was engaging, knew the material very well and was able to adjust to the various levels of ability of the students! Would definitely recommend! ”

    Rebecca H.

  • “It was a full day from 10am-5, fast-moving and packed with information on all the Excel basics, including on-the-spot exercises. Really useful for skills in managing all kinds of information and projects. I'd highly recommend this course, and would like to take the L2 when I'm ready! ”

    Kathleen H.

  • “Just came out of my Excel Business Level Training at NYIM. Garfield, the instructor, is really nice And very helpful. They are very professional and they provide all the necessary tools for the students to acquire all the info they need, and, in case you want to refresh your memory you can always retake the course for free within 6 months. Cool, huh? :-)”

    Dana D.

  • “Fast-paced class, a lot of information in a short amount of time—condensed to most useful tips and tricks. Very glad I was able to participate as I learned a lot more than I already knew. Michael was a great instructor with a very easygoing vibe.”

    Roksana B.

Industry Professional Instructors

Our Excel instructors are industry professionals who draw on their experience to teach real-world applications and time-saving techniques. You’ll learn tips, tricks, and techniques to become an Excel guru.

Real-world Applications

Throughout the Excel classes you’ll learn essential concepts that you’ll be able to immediately apply to the workplace. Learn the material through hands-on exercises, then actually create a final project by the end of the class.

Microsoft Excel graph and budget created in class

Training Resources Included

Each course includes the Excel workbook file that you use during the course and an accompanying manual that describes each exercise in detail. In addition to free retakes, the Excel classes also come with lifetime access to an online video suite of the course content.

Excel training manual

Upcoming Excel Classes in NYC


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Financial Modeling Bootcamp Next Class: Ask us about custom training Duration: 21 Hours Price: $895
Excel Programming with VBA Next Class: Ask us about custom training Duration: 14 Hours Price: $549
Advanced Excel for Business Next Class: Ask us about custom training Duration: 6 Hours Price: $219
Intermediate Excel for Business Next Class: Ask us about custom training Duration: 6 Hours Price: $219
Excel for Business Fundamentals Next Class: Ask us about custom training Duration: 6 Hours Price: $219
Excel for Business Bootcamp Next Class: Ask us about custom training Duration: 18 Hours Price: $549

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