Top Live Online Jewelry Making Courses

  • EatMetal, Inc. Hammered Earring (Virtual Private)

    This online jewelry-making course will teach participants the basics of hammered earring-making in a virtual private or semi-private setting. Learn how to select the right materials, shapes, and dimensions to create your unique earrings. With the guidance of a professional instructor, you will create custom earrings to take home.

    • $49.99
    • 5 Hours
    • See provider
    • All Levels
  • 92nd Street Y Fundamentals of Gemology

    This online course offers a thorough understanding of the fundamental aspects of gemology, delving into the world of precious stones and minerals. Participants will gain insights into the identification, grading, and valuation of gems, as well as gain practical skills like using gemological tools. Ideal for both hobbyists and professionals in the jewelry industry, it equips students with the knowledge required to professionally evaluate gemstones.

    • $250
    • 7 Weeks, 1 hr/wk
    • See provider
    • Beginner

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