Adobe After Effects is a video effects program that’s part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite. This suite includes other programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro, just to name a few. Using After Effects, individuals can add graphics to videos in post-production. This includes creating special effects and animations or adding title sequences and end credits, among other things. These effects are largely accomplished through three key functions: composting, rotoscoping, and motion tracking. 

If you’re well-versed in using Adobe After Effects, you may consider learning additional skills to take your video design and editing skills to the next level. This includes learning how to use Premiere Pro, Cinema 4D Lite, and Adobe Audition. Below are a few details about these programs, as well as how you can learn them.

Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is a video editing software that’s part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Using Premiere Pro, Video Editors and other professionals can import footage, add title sequences, and adjust sound and color, among many other things. This program is highly customizable, so Video Editors can create keyboard shortcuts or set up their workspace to meet their needs. 

Using Premiere Pro, Video Editors take raw footage and transform it into a finished product. This is done in part with help from other products in the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. For example, a Video Editor might also use Adobe Audition to adjust the video’s audio or import graphics from Illustrator or After Effects. 

How to Learn Premiere Pro

Individuals who are pursuing undergraduate degrees in film or video editing may learn Premiere Pro as part of their course load. You can also learn Premiere Pro by enrolling in an online course. For example, Noble Desktop offers classes that teach individuals how to use Premiere Pro. This includes in-person classes at the school’s Manhattan campus and virtual courses that individuals can participate in from the comfort of their own homes. 

More specifically, Noble’s Premiere Pro Bootcamp teaches students how to import and organize footage within the platform, create a sequence of clips from the footage, and use other useful tools with the program. This course also teaches more advanced functions, including speeding up (or slowing down) footage and even removing green screens. 

Cinema 4D Lite

You may also want to learn additional tools for After Effects, including Cinema 4D Lite. This tool enables users to create 3D scenes within After Effects, largely through the use of Cineware. Knowing how to use Cinema 4D Lite is a great skill for Video Editors, Motion Graphics Artists, Compositors, and Animators to have. 

How to Learn Cinema 4D Lite

Individuals pursuing roles as Animators, Motion Graphics Designers, or Graphic Designers may learn Cinema 4D Lite in undergraduate or other degree programs. Alternatively, you can learn Cinema 4D Lite by enrolling in an online or in-person course with schools like Noble Desktop. Noble Desktop provides individualized support and training to equip professionals with skills to advance their careers. 

Noble’s Cinema 4D in After Effects Bootcamp teaches students how to build 3D models and graphics and then insert them into various After Effects projects. More specifically, students learn how to use various tools to assign textures and create animations. Students who enroll in this course can use the free version of Cinema 4D Lite that’s included with After Effects, making it a cost-effective way to learn the basic tools within this program. 

Adobe Audition 

Adobe Audition is used to modify and finish audio for use in videos podcasts, and ads. Additionally, individuals can use Adobe Audition to fix damaged audio or create a new sound mix for an animated film. This tool can be used alongside others in the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, allowing Video Editors to add or modify sound for use in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Adobe Audition is thus a great way to expand your video editing skills. 

How to Learn Adobe Audition 

You can learn Adobe Audition by enrolling in a course with Noble Desktop, including both online and in-person classes. Noble’s Adobe Audition course teaches students how to use this program’s suite of sound editing tools, from repairing audio to enhancing it for use in a wide variety of media formats. 

Video Editing and Motion Graphics Certificate

Both Cinema 4D Lite and Premiere Pro are fundamental skills for anyone pursuing a career in video editing or motion graphics. In addition to the courses mentioned above, Noble Desktop offers a Video Editing and Motion Graphics Certificate that provides a foundation in each of these skills, making it an excellent option for anyone looking to advance their career in film. 

In particular, this certificate course teaches individuals how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, After Effects, and Cinema 4D Lite. As part of this course, students also have the opportunity to create their own demo reel or video using the motion graphics and video editing skills they pick up in the course. This reel can then serve as a portfolio piece to be used when applying for jobs or working with prospective clients and employers.