The era of big data calls for data storage that is not limited by the physical confines of hardware and single machine servers. The result is cloud computing services that allow data to be stored in the cloud and made readily available across computer systems. Cloud providers have given us an ecosystem of tools that can be used in conjunction with each other to develop data science projects from start to finish. 

Of the cloud providers and platforms on the market, Google Cloud is a standout. Google Cloud offers a variety of products and services useful to students and beginner data scientists, as well as industry professionals who are interested in building a business and tracking marketing, advertising, and analytics. 

What is Google Cloud?

A giant of the software and technology industry, Google made a name for itself through its search engine and advertising tools. The company continues to stay on the cutting edge of information and data through the collection and analysis of consumer insights and web traffic. As one of the subsidiaries of Google, Google Cloud is a top provider of cloud computing services in today’s market. As described by Google, Google Cloud “consists of a set of physical assets, such as computers and hard disk drives, and virtual resources, such as virtual machines (VMs), that are contained in Google's data centers around the globe.” 

Google Cloud benefits from its connection to other Google holdings, as the company is suited to develop products and tools that are responsive to the services that are needed within the industry. The Google Cloud platform includes assets geared towards individuals, teams, and enterprises. Google Cloud is known for its data science tools and services, including resources for collaboration.

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Google Cloud Data Science Tools and Products

The Google Cloud platform has data science tools and products that correspond to every part of the data science lifecycle. These tools can be used for collaboration within a corporate office setting, data science team, and even a classroom environment. 

Google offers courses and educational resources to build your skills and knowledge of its tools. The Google Cloud platform is an excellent resource for beginner data scientists who are still learning, and who want to use Google Analytics to work on their own business or break into their industry of choice.

Data Collection and Analysis

Beginner data scientists who need to start collecting and analyzing data will find many useful products in the Google suite. One of the main tools for this is Google Sheets, a spreadsheet software often compared to Microsoft Excel that can be used to organize smaller datasets. 

With Google Sheets, you can work on beginner-friendly data analysis projects and tasks, such as simple statistical analyses, mathematical equations, and data cleaning. Google’s Smart Analytics is a business intelligence tool that is useful for analyzing cloud data.

Data Storage and Database Management

There are multiple data storage and database management tools available from Google. Google Cloud Storage provides data packages for individuals and businesses in need of additional memory or space to hold their data. This system can be utilized with any of the other products and services within the Google Cloud platform, acting as an external and mobile form of data storage. This cloud storage system is compatible with Google’s database management systems, such as Cloud SQL and Spanner. 

Besides traditional relational databases, there are also Google Cloud Databases that correspond to certain data types, such as key-value and document-based NoSQL databases.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Are you interested in working with algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI)? Google Cloud has products for developing mobile applications and machine learning models. Beginner data scientists can benefit from AI and machine learning products. Google’s AutoML software is great for inexperienced data scientists who want to develop machine learning models. With this product, you can build and automate simple models for a business or an individual project.

Data Visualization and Storytelling

Google Cloud also has data visualization and storytelling tools. If you’re a beginner, you can start with Google Sheets, which has easy-to-use functions for creating charts and graphs. As you gain more skills in the areas of data analysis and visualization, you can try out more advanced tools such as Google Data Studio. Data Studio can be used to create engaging reports and interactive dashboards to present your data findings to different audiences. Data Studio connects to other Google Cloud products, such as Google Sheets and Google Ads

Interested in learning more about the Google Cloud Platform? 

Google Cloud offers a suite of data science tools that are useful for data science beginners and experts alike. As a top provider of cloud computing services, Google Cloud is an excellent platform for data science newcomers to explore. Google Cloud gives them the chance to practice their skills with freely available tools, no matter where they are or what machine they’re using. 

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