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  • Product Management and Product Marketing for Technology-Based Products

    This class teaches students how to improve product management and marketing using best practices for technology-based products. Topics covered include product management roles and mindsets, market analysis, dealing with business uncertainty, developing propositions, pricing strategy, product development, launch, and strategy, and techniques for improving personal performance.

    • London
    • Amsterdam
    • Berlin
    • Copenhagen
    • Manchester
    + 2 more
    • £1,970
    • 3 Days
    • See provider
    • Beginner
  • Leading Product Management

    This class focuses on product management leadership. Students will learn how to think like a Product Manager with real-world examples, strategies, lessons on dealing with common challenges, best practices, and more.

    • Live Online
    • £1,970
    • 4 Days
    • See provider
    • Intermediate

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