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  • Online Data Science for Managers and Business Leaders

    This 10 week online course provides a broad overview on how data science should be incorporated in your business why it matters. It starts by explaining why the quality of your data matters then teaches you about how analysts extract insights from data. It discusses how managers should select which metrics to focus on to measure success depending on the type of data you have on hand. Once the basics are covered, it teaches you about machine learning, big data, and data ethics that managers and business leaders should know about.

    • Live Online
    • $2,499
    • 10 Weeks, 5 hr/wk
    • See provider
    • Beginner
  • Online Data Science Certificate

    Online Data Science Certificate is a 16-week comprehensive that will teach you teach you the entire data science workflow from start to finish. The program will start with data cleaning, visualization, and exploration concepts. Afterwards, it will teach you how to use various predictive algorithms and how to evaluate their performance. It also introduces boosting, ensemble, ranking, and linear regression methods that are important tools for data scientists. Finally, you will have an opportunity to use your knowledge and deploy your models using a dataset from Kaggle competitions.

    • Live Online
    • $4,500
    • 16 Weeks, 5 hr/wk
    • Evenings
    • Intermediate

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