Do you want to learn more about Excel but aren’t quite ready to commit to a certificate of study or weeks of classes? If so, there are great resources available for free onYouTube that allow you to learn this application at your own pace. This article will explore ten of the best YouTube Channels devoted exclusively to this industry-standard application.

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that was created to help users organize data and numbers by applying various functions and formulas. Excel places data like formulas, numbers, or text, into cells within columns or rows. It provides a way to organize data as well as perform calculations on it. Excel can also be used to create charts, PivotTables, or graphs that depict data visually. Subscriptions to Microsoft 365, which come with Excel and other productivity applications, are available for professional and personal use.

10 YouTube Channels to Help You Learn Excel

If you want to study Excel from your own home or office, and learn at your own pace, there are multiple learning options available on YouTube. Dozens of channels are devoted exclusively to this helping beginners learn the basics of Excel, as well as channels and playlists pertaining to more advanced Excel topics, tips, and formulas. Both long and short videos are available for free, which provide quick tips, answer specific questions, or provide detailed instruction on Excel-specific subjects.

Here are ten YouTube channels for Excel enthusiasts to check out in 2024:

Noble Desktop’s YouTube Channel

Noble Desktop is a New York-based educational center devoted to career development and ongoing learning. For more than three decades, they have provided certificate programs and project-based coursework that helps students pursue careers in coding, design, and other timely fields. Noble’s YouTube channel includes a variety of live streams and helpful videos on Excel, as well as other commonly used applications, programming languages, and design tools. Their Excel channel has more than five dozen Excel videos on a range of topics, such as customizing ribbons, editing cells and ranges, working with conditional formatting, and creating charts.

Microsoft Office’s 365 YouTube Channel

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Nearly half a million people currently subscribe to this Microsoft channel. Users can access videos on a variety of Microsoft products, apps, and platforms, such as PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive. Their Excel channel contains videos on a range of helpful Excel topics, like visualizing data, formatting, and creating PivotTables. 


ExcellsFun has been around since 2008 and currently offers more than 3,000 videos and free courses designed to help users master Excel basics as well as more advanced Excel functions. This is a great resource for those who wish to explore beginner-friendly topics like keyboard shortcuts and basic formulas, as well as more complex skills like data validation and array formulas.

Excel Campus

Excel Campus was created by Jon Acampora, who has provided 38 million viewers with over 270 tutorials on Excel, ranging from beginner-level instruction to useful hacks, as well as more advanced tools and procedures. Video content includes topics such as how to create a personal macro workbook and how to add a search box to a slicer in Excel. 

Leila Gharani’s channel

Leila Gharani's channel is a rich resource for Excel learners. She offers practical Excel tips and strategies for learners at all levels and provides guidance using real-world Excel scenarios. Gharani has videos devoted to Excel’s XLOOKUP, how to lock cells in Excel, and how to use Excel shortcuts to delete empty rows.


TeachExcel posts both long and short Excel videos each week. Their videos take viewers through the steps needed to complete simple and complex Excel tasks, like making graphs, recording macros, securing worksheets, and formatting spreadsheets. In addition, they offer dozens of playlists for learners to explore timely Excel tips and tricks, VBA, financial modeling, and other relevant topics.


This YouTube channel provides tutorials and instruction for those using Excel 2010. Their beginner-friendly videos incorporate visual components, which helps to make the content accessible to learners at all levels. They also have a beginner’s course in Excel, which is broken into sections so that viewers can space out learning for better retention. Another great feature of MotionTraining’s Excel channel is that there’s a download page, where all 60 tutorials, as well as practice files, can be downloaded into a single file.

Excel for Freelancers

This is a great resource for Excel freelancers to learn the ins and outs of designing and marketing software based on Excel. Dozens of practical videos can be found there dealing with how to turn Excel into a point of sale, its purchasing applications, and creating automated Excel forms, among others. This channel also provides subscribers with the option of joining a mentorship program that teaches the necessary skills to earn a passive income from Excel.

Excel Dude

Excel Dude has both long instructional videos, as well as short videos that contain tips and tricks for working with this app. There are also 320 shorts, or one-minute Excel clips, each of which covers a specific function. In addition to Excel playlists, this channel also contains instruction on other Microsoft apps, such as PowerPoint, Word, and Teams, among others.


Exceljet offers a variety of straightforward Excel videos and playlists that cover the core skills required to work with this application. Playlists are available on topics like conditional formatting, functions, formulas, data entry, and shortcuts. In addition, more advanced and specific Excel content is also available, such as how to chart sunrise and sunset times, as well as how to add unique content to a PivotTable

Learn More About Excel with Hands-On Classes

For those who want to take their Excel education beyond YouTube videos, the good news is that Noble Desktop has you covered. They currently offer a variety of Excel courses in NYC and live online. Classes are available for those who are new to Excel, as well as learners who regularly work with this spreadsheet application and wish to brush up on their skills. In addition, there are also in-person and live online Excel courses available through Noble Desktop or one of its affiliate schools. A variety of course options are offered, ranging in duration from three hours to two days and costing between $229 and $1,099. 

Noble Desktop’s Excel Bootcamp provides a great option for those who want to master core Excel concepts, such as working with VLOOKUP and PivotTables, as well as What-If Analysis. Students who enroll in this rigorous, 21-hour course can elect to study in person in Manhattan or learn in the live online environment. This small class comes with the option of a free retake and covers a variety of Excel concepts applicable to the business world.