When looking for beginner-friendly data science tools, it helps to find open-source products and software. Unlike enterprise products (which are generally used in large corporations and organizations), open-source software operates under a user-friendly licensing agreement so anyone using it can make changes to it as they see fit. Open-source tools are useful for data science beginners since they offer resources and community support, which can help new people in the field learn and develop their skill sets.

Many open-source tools are free to download, making them easily accessible to those who are just beginning in data science. Many of the most popular tools that are produced within the data science industry exist within a collection or ecosystem of open-source software. These software collections assemble tools that are compatible with each other and meet the needs of a specific industry or community.

Of the many open-source software collections, the Apache Software Foundation has become a commonly utilized and cited collection within the field. This is because Apache products are responsive to the varied needs of data science beginners and experts alike. Whether you are interested in completing a data analysis project or developing machine learning models, there are many Apache-based data science tools from which you can choose!

What is Apache?

Within the world of web services, Apache is well-known as a web server as well as a line of software and tools that can be used with various platforms and programming languages.

The Apache HTTP Server is the most popular and widely used web server on the market. It has been in operation online since the mid-1990s and does the work of communicating web-based content to a user. In addition to its web server, the Apache Software Foundation offers several other software tools which work to improve the experience of using the internet and working with information and data.

Introduction to the Apache Software Foundation

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Following the creation of the Apache web server, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) was officially established in 1999 with members from the Apache Group who were involved in the development of the Apache HTTP Project. The foundation has since developed and maintained an ever-growing collection of Apache software and products.

The Apache Software Foundation supports the open-source community and its contributions to the resources found within the Apache ecosystem. One of the major purposes of the ASF is promoting the education and accessibility of data science tools and platforms. Through a board of directors and years of investment from volunteers, the ASF continues to develop Apache Projects while protecting the rights of its broad community of users.

Top Apache Tools for Beginner Data Scientists

There are several Apache Tools that are especially useful for Data Scientists who are interested in analytics, visualization, and modeling. Apache Spark is commonly used for machine learning, Hadoop is a widely used software library, and Kafka is known for its data pipeline and analytic capabilities. These tools are among the most commonly cited and essential Apache software to learn and include in your data science toolkit or project portfolio.

Apache Spark

Primarily used by Data Scientists who are interested in machine learning and software engineering, Apache Spark tends to be the first Apache tool mentioned when discussing the foundation. Spark operates as both a web engine and a set of libraries that can be used to work through the entire data science lifecycle.

From organizing and querying data in a relational database management system to analyzing a dataset to garner new findings, there are many uses and benefits to making Spark one of your go-to data science tools. Apache Spark is compatible with a variety of programming languages, such as Python, Java, Scala, and R, which is useful for Data Scientists who are just learning programming languages.

Apache Hadoop

While Hadoop is compatible with Spark, Apache Hadoop acts as more of a software library. This is especially useful for working with large datasets and networks of computers through the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). Since Hadoop is geared towards the collection and storage of big data, this software is also commonly used when working on a project that is highly scalable and distributed across multiple servers.

Working with Hadoop is an excellent introduction to big database management for beginner Data Scientists. Hadoop primarily utilizes the Java programming language, making it a go-to for Data Scientists with a background in development. You can also use Hadoop with other programming languages, such as Python.

Apache Kafka

Less known than Spark and Hadoop but offering similar capabilities, Apache Kafka is commonly used within larger corporations that work with many clients. Kafka handles large stores of data through a distributed system that records anything that happens within the system as an event. Data pipelines are established through the recording of streaming events, which can be a necessity in a system that needs to keep track of a large scale of events at the same time.

Kafka is known for its flexibility, as it can be used with a cloud-based system or computer servers, and is highly scalable and efficient at storing and processing big data stores. Data Scientists who are interested in working in a consumer and technology-focused industry, like the automotive industry or healthcare, will find Kafka useful.

Want to learn more about Apache Software?

Through the development and maintenance of a large collection of open-source tools and software, Apache continues to be a top choice for data science students and professionals. The tools available from the Apache Software Foundation are not all stand-alone products and generally require some background instruction in programming languages and other data analysis skills.

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