Front-End Web Development Training On-Demand

  • Beginner programmers can study this on-demand course with live mentorship to learn front end web development. The course covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, including Flexbox, Grid, Sass, SVGs, APIs, and the DOM. Students take quizzes and complete hands-on activities, with feedback from learning mentors, before developing a capstone portfolio project and earning a certificate. Along the way, students can meet with learning mentors in weekly office hours and participate in the Treehouse learning community.

    • Platform subscription
    • 6 months
    • Beginner
  • In this short course, students learn the principles of front end web development. Students develop skills in using HTML and CSS in Bootstrap to design their own webpage. Along the way, they gain familiarity with visual design and website navigation architectures, learning to make responsive layouts and single page scrolling. By the end of the course, students will upload their own digital portfolio website.

    • $690
    • 1 month
    • Beginner
  • React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux)

    Academind Instructor: Maximilian Schwarzmüller

    With this course, students who already have familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can learn to take full advantage of React. The course starts with an orientation to using JavaScript and React before discussing components, events, and debugging in React. Then, students learn Context, Hooks, and Redux, as well as React Router and Next.js, animating and testing applications and learning to use TypeScript with React. By the end of the course, students will have worked on several hands-on projects for gaining experience with React.

    • $130
    • 49 hours of video
    • Intermediate
  • Modern React with Redux

    Udemy Instructor: Stephen Grider

    In this course, programmers develop deep familiarity with React and Redux for web development. The course starts with an introduction to React and JSX, working with APIs, the Dom, and Hooks. Then, students learn Redux, working with the React Router, authentication, REST, React Portals, and Context. By the end of the course, students will have worked through several coding exercises as they gain experience with React and Redux.

    • $110
    • 53 hours of video
    • Intermediate
  • Through this course, students learn the essentials of front end web development and web design. The hands-on curriculum helps students develop practical skills in Adobe Photoshop, WordPress, and Figma as well as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students also learn to work with PHP, MySQL, and AngularJS and develop an eye for UX/UI design. By the end of the course, students will have developed several portfolio projects and earned a certificate of completion.

    • $110
    • 34 hours of video
    • Beginner
  • Become a React Developer

    Udacity Instructors: Andrew Wong, Tyler McGinnis, Richard Kalehoff

    In this course, students who have some experience working in JavaScript learn to add React to their development toolkit. The course begins by teaching students how to use React to build web applications. Then, students learn how to use Redux with React for even more complex applications. Students develop two projects to test their new skills.

    • Platform subscription
    • 3 months
    • Intermediate
  • After studying this course track, students will have a solid grounding in front end web development. The course begins with instruction in HTML and CSS before digging into JavaScript, including the DOM, AJAX, and object-oriented programming. Students gain experience with concepts like responsive design, accessibility, and asynchronous programming, as well as tools such as Flexbox, Grid, Bootstrap, and Git. Students have the option of participating in an online community of fellow learners in the course.

    • Platform subscription
    • 56 hours
    • Beginner
  • Learn React


    After studying in this course, students who have some experience programming with JavaScript will have skills for optimizing and expanding their process with React.js. The course begins with instruction in JSX syntax before diving into React components and Hooks actions. Along the way, students produce hands-on projects with React.js and take quizzes to practice their understanding of concepts. At the end of the course, students earn a certificate of completion.

    • Platform subscription
    • 20 hours
    • Intermediate
  • The Complete Front-End Web Development Course!

    Udemy Instructors: Joseph Delgadillo, Nick Germaine

    For students interested in learning front end web development skills, this hands-on course covers the essentials. The course begins with an introduction to HTML and CSS before diving into JavaScript. Students also gain experience with jQuery and Bootstrap. Three practical projects, including a building an extension for Chrome, help students develop their project portfolio before finishing the class with a certificate of completion.

    • $110
    • 17 hours of video
    • Beginner
  • React Testing with Jest and Enzyme

    Udemy Instructor: Bonnie Schulkin

    By learning test-driven development, developers who have already worked in JavaScript and React can advance their skills in programming with React. Students start by testing React Hooks and Context, as well as Axios and Redux. Then, studnets gain experience with Jest and Enzyme, mocking modules and controlling and running complext and targeted tests. Quizzes and projects help students test their new testing skills.

    • $100
    • 15 hours of video
    • Advanced
  • React v.17 Bootcamp

    Skillsoft Instructor: Axle Barr

    Designed for students with some experience in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, this short course track introduces students to working with the 2020 release version of React. Hands-on instruction guides students through building React web application that uses components. Along the way, students work with routers, JSON, and user data. At the end of the course, students earn a Skillsoft digital badge.

    • Platform subscription
    • 6 hours of video
    • Intermediate
  • Front End Development

    Skillcrush Instructors: Sharon Siegel, Ann Cascarano, Nichole Martin

    Designed for beginners, this course introduces students to the skills necessary for front end development. The course begins with instruction in HTML and CSS, helping students to learn how to navigate Git and Github. Then, students learn about responsive design with Flexbox before working with JavaScript and APIs. As students work through the course, they develop several practical projects before earning their certificate of completion.

    • $549
    • Beginner
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