UPDATE: Summer 2020 programs will all be held live online. See all web development courses for high school students

In this 2-week immersive course, students will learn the most important skill set in the modern-day economy, web coding! Students will become proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, enabling them to design and code their very own modern and responsive websites. 

The course begins with learning HTML and understanding how HTML is used to structure websites. Next, students learn how to write CSS and JavaScript in order to add design, style, and responsiveness to their website. Finally, students learn advanced front-end web development by using jQuery to create beautifully unique and highly functional sites. 

The Web Development Bootcamp is perfect for any student who is looking to get into coding! Web coding is a useful and engaging introduction to the programming world, as students can see in real-time how every line of code they write contributes to their site!

Prerequisites & Ages: The program is ideal for students ages 13-18 with an interest in coding. Prior coding/programming experience is not required, but students must be comfortable with computer basics.  

Scheduling Note: Class will not be held on July 4th and 5th.