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Continue your computer science journey with this Java Level 2 summer course. Pick up where Java 1 left off and continue to advanced your skills and prepare for AP Computer Science and college-level programming classes. 

This one week course follows closely on the heels of the two-week Java 1 intensive and assumes that students are familiar with the basic syntax and OOP constructs of the Java programming language.

The course will cover the following topics: Recursion, Sorting and Searching, and the use of arrays and linked lists in developing several data structures, including Stacks, Queues, and Sets.

The course will combine online interactive lectures, as well as coding exercises.

  • Schedule: Every weekday from 10 am — 1 pm for one week

  • Method of Delivery: Live Online (live-streamed with the ability to ask questions and interact with instructor real-time). 

  • Prerequisites & Ages: This course assumes knowledge equivalent to our Java Level 1 course which covers the fundamentals of Java programming.

  • Computer: Live online attendees should have their own Mac or PC. We will assist with any software setup prior to the course.