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Today’s Agenda

  • What is SVG?
  • Why use SVG?
  • Examples
  • How do you create SVG?
  • Using SVG in a webpage
  • Animating SVG

What is SVG?

  • Scalable Vector Graphics
  • Great to use in webpages, but not in emails yet
  • Primarily used for vectors, but can contain live text and pixel‑based images (JPEG, PNG, etc.)
  • XML-based image format
    (If you know HTML, XML is very understandable.)

Why Use SVG?

  • Can be used at any size
    (no need to save multiple files at different sizes)
  • Look great on any resolution screen
    (no need to make separate low/hi-res 1x/2x versions)
  • Typically a smaller file size than pixel-based images, so they download faster
  • Can be animated with JavaScript or CSS
  • Can be styled with CSS
    (no need to make a separate hover image)

Static SVG Examples

Animated SVG Examples

How do you create SVG?

  • Using a graphics app such as Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Adobe XD, Inkscape (free), etc.
  • Photoshop only exports proper SVG from native vectors. Vector smart objects don’t export as SVG properly, they end up having an embedded PNG in them instead of vectors!
  • Hand coding

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Using SVG in a Webpage

  • Use like any image (standard HTML <img> tag or as a background image in CSS)
  • Inline the SVG code (put it into HTML). This has pros & cons:
    • Pro: Can be styled with CSS
    • Pro: Individual elements within the SVG can be animated
    • Con: Not cached for efficient reuse across pages
  • If your Apache web server isn’t preconfigured to support SVG: Configure the .htaccess file

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Use SVG instead of Icon Fonts

  • Icon fonts can be a large file size (you typically use only a few of the icons, but download the whole font)
  • Icon fonts have limited styling with CSS (limited to one color)
  • Icon fonts cannot be animated as much as SVG
  • Icon fonts are not semantic, and can be difficult to use with screen readers (Google: Use icon fonts with caution)

Animating SVG

  • CSS animations are fine for simple stuff
  • JavaScript animations offer more power & control than CSS (especially when using GSAP: GreenSock Animation Platform)
  • Inline the SVG (put SVG code into HTML)

Live Demo

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