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These slides are for the seminar: Intro to InDesign

What We’ll Cover

  • What can InDesign do?
  • Which Creative Cloud plan you should purchase.
  • A tutorial to get you started using InDesign.
  • Ways to continue learning.

What Can InDesign Do?

  • Page Layout for Print: combine text & graphics on one or more pages.
  • Long Documents: InDesign’s excellent typography controls & ways to manage many pages makes it ideal for multi-page files such as books and magazines.
  • PDFs: InDesign create high-quality PDFs. You can even add forms (text fields, menus, etc.) to PDFs.
  • eBooks: InDesign creates EPUB files (reflowable or fixed layout), but files must be setup properly to make a good eBook.

Example: Book Interiors

Book interiors are designed & built with InDesign.

Example: Book Interiors

Book interiors are designed & built with InDesign.

Example: Book Covers

Book covers are created in InDesign. (I created Make Book Jacket to make this easier.)

Example: Magazines

Magazines are designed and built with InDesign.

Example: Branding

Branding materials are often created in InDesign & Illustrator.

Example: Ads & Social Media Graphics

Digital & print marketing materials are created with Photoshop, Illustrator, & InDesign.

Creative Cloud Plans

  • Only need InDesign? Get the individual InDesign plan.
  • Want InDesign and 2 or more other apps? Get the All Apps plan.
  • If you are an editor who only needs Adobe InCopy, you can get an individual InCopy plan.

Live Demo

Let’s get started with InDesign!

Mastering InDesign

Work in InDesign as much as you can.
Design brochures, business cards, ads, books, magazines, PDFs, etc.

Practice makes perfect, so have fun!

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