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Onsite STEM Training for Schools & Camps

NextGen Bootcamp brings STEAM education (focus on coding & arts) to schools in an effective and affordable way. NextGen works with the schools to provide curriculum, teachers, rubrics for STEM topic courses. NextGen specializes in coding and design courses, with over 50 different courses to choose from. Our premier courses are focused on Python, Web & Mobile Development, Adobe, and Microsoft office. Our courses can be tailored for the age of the student, we mainly focus on curriculum for 4 - 12th grade. 

Our unique approach makes it extremely easy for a school to implement. NextGen works with the schools in all different capacities whether it is an after-school course, coding elective, or an entire computer science department. NextGen is a perfect fit for a school looking to modernize their computer curriculum on a tight budget. With NextGen, schools receive a flawless, executable curriculum with an experienced instructor ready to go! 

Bring Coding to Your School

Coding & Technical Design are the topics of the future, it is how people communicate with computers, it is how people build and design software and apps. There are several reasons programming and design are becoming a pre-requisite in schools around the country. Students gain a new procedural way of thinking, a new marketable skill, an improved creative mindset! These are just a few short reasons programming and design are pivotal to teach young students

Easy Implementation

NextGen works with the school to provide them with everything they need in order to make the course successful. We tailor our curriculum toward the frequency and level of the course. NextGen works to develop new materials as well that works in conjunction with the school's needs. 

Cost Effective Choice

NextGen provides schools with the opportunity to release high-end, cutting-edge courses. With one flat rate that is cheaper than hiring a full-time teacher, NextGen handles sourcing the teacher, providing the curriculum, and the grading. We handle all of the logistics and leave the school to worry about other things. 

Instructor Helping Student Individually

Tested & Proven Hands-On Curriculum

NextGen works with its partner company, Noble Desktop, who has trained over 40,000 students and developed over 50 courses in the coding and design space. Both companies curriculum has been proven and tested and its main goal is all hands-on exercises. 

Students Learning with Joyous Expressions