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Summer Coding Camps in New Jersey

NJ's Top Summer Code & Development Programs

Learn to code in Python and Java or learn to develop websites, apps, and games this summer in New Jersey. NextGen offers a variety of summer code camps for high school students to explore the growing field of programming and computer science.

Register for our 2-week Java Code Camp or 2-weeks of our Python Summer Camp or better yet learn both in our flagship Software Engineering Summer Camp. Additionally, we have a 2-week course in App Development and Web Development, or learn both in our Full-Stack Web & App Developer Immersive

Our summer camp students learn real-world technical and problem-solving skills that will help them to be successful in nearly any professional landscape. Upon successful completion of our summer courses, students will have the knowledge and abilities necessary to gain college credit, attain positions at competitive internship programs, and stand out in college applications. 

Ages & Prerequisites: The programs are designed for students ages 13-19 with a desire to learn how to code. Prior coding experience is not required but students must have basic computer proficiency and a desire to learn new and advanced tech skills.

Prefer to attend in New York? Check out our summer coding camps in NYC.

  • Small classes
  • Hands-on training
  • Book included
  • Top Instructors

Which Summer Coding Class is Right for You?

Software Engineering Summer Camp (NJ)

Computer Science Summer Camps in NJ

In this 4-week immersive bootcamp, you'll learn to code using Java and Python, two of the most popular and universally-applicable programming languages used by software developers today!

110 Hours


Next Class: Jun 24–Jul 23, 10am–4pm

Full-Stack Web & App Developer Immersive (NJ)

Summer Coding Camp in NJ for High School & Gap Year Students

Learn how to build, design, and develop websites, application, and video games in this 4-week coding and development summer program. This course is divided into two parts: Web Development and App Development.

120 Hours


Next Class: Aug 5–Aug 30, 10am–4pm

Java Programming Bootcamp (NJ)

Summer Program & AP Computer Science Course Prep in New Jersey

This course will do more than just prepare you for AP computer science, it will prepare you to excel as a programmer throughout college and beyond! Beginners will become advanced coders through our fast-moving curriculum and project-based approach to learning.  

55 Hours


Next Class: Jun 24–Jul 9, 10–4pm

Python Summer Camp (NJ)

Data Science Courses for High School & Gap Year Students

In the first half of this hands-on Python course, you'll dive into the fundamentals of Python code and quickly transition into more complicated programming tasks. The second half of the course focuses primarily on data science using Pandas, Matplotlib, and Sci-Kit learn. These packages will teach you how to input, analyze, and graph data. 

55 Hours


Next Class: Jul 10–23, 10–4pm

App Development Summer Camp (NJ)

iOS App Summer Coding Camp tailored to High School & Gap-Year Students in NJ

In this 2-week immersive course, students will use Swift and Xcode to build several apps, including two in the first week! The course covers programming basics and important app development concepts including software integration, user interface design, and data analytics. 

60 Hours


Next Class: Aug 5–16, 10–4pm

Web Development Summer Camp (NJ)

Summer Program & Skill Building Course in NJ

Students learn both front-end and back-end web development in this immersive summer course. Students first learn to build dynamic webpages by coding HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Students then add back-end functionality including creating custom WordPress themes and coding PHP and MySQL. Students will also learn the core concepts of accessibility and responsive web design, 

60 Hours


Next Class: Aug 19–30, 10–4pm

Game Design Summer Camp (NJ)

Summer Programming Camp for High School Students

The Game Design course at NextGen teaches students how to create an original, high-tech, video game ready for the app store. Students use the Unreal and Unity engine as well as the C++ coding language to bring their ideas to life, all while becoming familiar with the entire game design process along the way.

60 Hours


Next Class: Not currently scheduled

Explore Exciting Topics in Coding and Programming

NextGen provides exciting summer courses that are designed specifically for high school and gap year students looking to explore the world of computer science and engineering. We've tested, re-tested, and continue to develop our courses to help students gain an academic edge by providing beginning to advanced instruction that reaches far beyond the capabilities of traditional school curricula and interest programs. 

  • “Became proficient in Java programming and computer science topics and knew nothing before. Would recommend!”

    Zachary Waxman

  • “This was an amazing camp. I learned so much and i had a great time. It was specific to each person and the teacher would focus on us individually. Also, it really helped me with my school because I’m in engineering and therefore it gave me something most of my friends don’t know how to do. I really enjoyed it and had a great time and would do it again! I would recommend doing this if your into coding and want to gain more skills with Java.”

    Jack Shulman

Tested & Proven Hands-On Curriculum

NextGen leverages our partnership with Noble Desktop, who has trained over 40,000 students and developed over 50 courses in coding and design, to develop our unparalleled curriculum. All of our programs are activity-based, reflecting our cardinal belief that students learn best by doing.

Students Learning by Following Hands-on Curriculum

Industry Professionals & Expert Instructors

NextGen's courses are developed by top engineers from renowned organizations including Goldman Sachs, Uber, and Columbia University. Our skilled educators hold advanced degrees in education and have extensive experience with high school students, including teaching at prestigious schools such as Dwight Englewood, Fieldston, and Dalton.

Expert Instructor helping Student Individually

Gain an Academic Edge

There is a proven connection between learning programming and improved academic performance, as the problem-solving and computational skills required for programming are easily applicable to everyday situations and a wide range of academic subjects. On top of that, engaging in extra-curricular courses in computer science demonstrates to colleges that an applicant is eager to learn advanced topics and knowledgeable about the tech-based skills economy of the 21st Century. 

Classroom of Students Learning Coding

Upcoming Summer Coding Classes


Next Class



Java Programming Bootcamp (NJ) Next Class: Jun 24–Jul 9, Mon–Fri, 10–4pm Duration: 55 Hours Price: $2495
Python Summer Camp (NJ) Next Class: Jul 10–23, Mon–Fri, 10–4pm Duration: 55 Hours Price: $2495
App Development Summer Camp (NJ) Next Class: Aug 5–16, Mon–Fri, 10–4pm Duration: 60 Hours Price: $2495
Web Development Summer Camp (NJ) Next Class: Aug 19–30, Mon–Fri, 10–4pm Duration: 60 Hours Price: $2495
Game Design Summer Camp (NJ) Next Class: Ask us about custom training Duration: 60 Hours Price: $2495
Software Engineering Summer Camp (NJ) Next Class: Jun 24–Jul 23, Mon–Fri, 10–4pm Duration: 110 Hours Price: $4500
Full-Stack Web & App Developer Immersive (NJ) Next Class: Aug 5–Aug 30, Mon–Fri, 10–4pm Duration: 120 Hours Price: $4500

Why attend a NextGen Coding Camp in NJ this summer?

The summer months are a crucial time for high school students to explore their interests and increase their marketable skills. Colleges and employers are always looking for students to go "above and beyond" their normal high school responsibilities and to show initiative in gaining valuable experience in their topics of intrest. Unfortunately, students are asked to spend the majority of their time during the school year completing assignments and projects within their school's core subject areas, leaving little time to learn and practice specialized topics and skills. That's why the summer is such an incredible opportunity for kids! Students can spend their summer learning in a fun, stress-free environment at NextGen's coding camps. 

NextGen gives students the perfect place to explore their passion for technology in a safe, academic, and highly personalized environment. NextGen teaches many different coding languages, opening the door for students with a wide array of interests to sample a variety of tech roles before finding the perfect fit. Additionally, all of our curriclua are activity-based and hands-on so that students can learn concepts quickly and become familiar with complex concepts in a short period of time! Here are some more reasons to take our code camps this summer:

Improve Your Brain-Power

Studies show that learning a new language, including computer programming languages, has remarkable cognitive benefits, including increases in processing power, working memory, and attention span. Additionally, programmers' brains are said to work twice has hard as other writers beacuse writing in code activates both the region of the brain that handles language processing and the region of the brain that handles mathematical reasoning. Finally, according to the National Institute of Health, learning new coding principles helps to form new neural connections and strengthens existing connections related to logic, problem-solving, and reasoning. 

Highly Effective Immersive Learning

Although students spend their school year sitting in classrooms for several hours a day, they've never learned in a classroom quite like this. Our immersive curriculum has students actively working on coding projects all day, starting on day one. Think of this pedagogical method as similar to moving to another country to learn a second language: the complete immersion enables students to learn on a deep, conceptual level more quickly than would ever be possible in a lecture-style classroom. 

Stand Out as a College Applicant

With college acceptance becoming more competitive every year, high school students need to demonstrate their enthusiasm for learning and their commitment to pursuing academic excellence. By completing NextGen's program, students show colleges that they are aware of the current demands of the job skills market and that they are serious about taking on rigorous learning opportunities to excel in high school, college, and beyond. Beyond looking great to college admissions boards, students in our courses learn skills that enable them to get ahead in high school math and computer science, test out of college courses, and spend more time preparing for whatever they wish to do in the real world. 

Why Choose NextGen?

Expert Instructors

At NextGen, we focus a great deal of effort on sourcing and vetting instructors to find the industry’s best. Our instructors come from highly regarded teaching and technology industry positions. Additionally, all of our teachers at NextGen go through extensive professional development, training, and ongoing learning to prepare to deliver high quality educational experiences for our students. Our lead instructor for the New Jersey camp has a master's degree in computer science and a master's degree in mathematics. He is also the head of technology at a top private school in NJ. 

Fine-Tuned Curriculum

NextGen has partnered with Noble Desktop, an industry leader in code and design training with over 28 years of training expertise. NextGen's experts in teaching and learning have taken Noble Desktop’s proven curriculum and tailored it to meet the needs of high school students. This process has allowed us to create an engaging curriculum that is proven to meet learning outcomes and deliver dramatic results.

Wide Range of Courses

NextGen has many different summer programs that range in topic and in length. NextGen’s premier programs are the Summer Code & Development Certificate program and the Software Engineering Immersive Certificate program. These courses are seven & five-week long courses that are divided into two-week topic intervals, giving students the opportunity to study multiple topics and languages within one summer. Our Full-Stack Course teaches students about the intricacies of web and app development while the Software Engineering Immersive teaches a student the two most prominently used programming languages in the world today, Java & Python.

Network Effect

NextGen attracts high caliber, highly motivated students who are excited to learn how to program. The result is a marvelous network of current students and alumni that are continually making waves within the booming tech industry. We have educated students from top high schools in NY such as SAR, Ramaz, York Prep, Dalton, and more! Many of our alumni have gone on to attend top colleges, including NYU Stern, Wharton, Northwestern, Duke, Michigan, and many more!

Convenient & Easy Location: 

NextGen's classroom is located at 2 University Plaza Drive in Hackensack, NJ. This location is right off of Route 4 and is central within Bergen County. Our classroom is equipped with a large screen TV, individual student desks, free parking, and free coffee & tea! 

Great Reviews

NextGen has stellar reviews from all of our courses, including 5-star reviews from every student who took our summer program in 2018. Additionally, our 2-week Web & App Course was voted one of the best courses of its kind by Newsweek! Please check out all of our 2,500 testimonials, and our SwitchUp & Yelp page!