This course will cover the fundamentals of Python programming and its applications in data science and machine learning. Students will get up and running in Python quickly and be ready to use Python for data analysis projects.

Python is the leading language used by programmers today! It is the ideal language for beginners because it's both powerful and easy to learn. 

In the first half of this hands-on Python course, you will begin by learning the fundamentals of Python code and then transition into more complicated programming tasks. The second half of the course focuses primarily on data science using Pandas, Matplotlib, and Sci-Kit learn. These packages will teach you how to input, analyze, and graph data. 

Class Notes

  • Schedule: Every weekday from 10 am — 1 pm for three weeks
  • Method of Delivery: Live Online (live-streamed with the ability to ask questions and interact with the instructor in real-time). 
  • Prerequisites & Ages: The program is ideal for high school and college students with a strong interest in coding. Prior coding/programming experience is not required, but students must be comfortable with computer basics. 
  • Computer: Live online attendees should have their own Mac or PC. We will assist with any software setup prior to the course.