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App Development Summer Camp

iOS Programming Summer Courses for Teens in NYC

Throughout this 50-hour iOS summer course, students will learn to develop several apps, including two in the very first week! Our curriculum begins with basic programming concepts in Xcode playgrounds and then moves into more advanced topics using Xcode 9 and Swift 4.

Students will complete step-by-step activities to code working apps, including a tip calculator and a weather app that integrates with an API (an Application Program Interface, which enables developers to program software components to work together).

After learning new skills and techniques in class, students reinforce important concepts by developing their own final project at home, with tons of instructor guidance along the way!

Prerequisites & Ages: The program is ideal for ages 13-19 with a strong interest in coding. Prior coding/programming experience is not required, but students must be comfortable with computer basics.  

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  • Small Classes
  • Computer Provided
  • Book included
  • Free Retake

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Learn How to Build iOS Apps for iPhone & iPad

Our immersive training program, iOS App Development Summer Camp, will have you on your way to becoming an Apple mobile developer! After learning foundational object-oriented programming concepts in Xcode and Swift, you’ll build several apps in class and have the skills to build even more apps at home! Engage in step-by-step exercises in a small class led by a professional iOS developer. 

Example of iOS coding exercise
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Immediately Applicable to Real-World Professional Contexts

“Noble's iOS Development course has taken me from pure novice in code of any kind to about to publish my very own iOS app. I'd tried paid online courses, tutorials and books but it all ended in frustration...Noble finds excellent teachers (who are also patient with beginners) and is very generous with workbooks, downloadable materials and files in order to keep everything up to date. Taking this course was the best decision I've made in the last ten years..!”

Nancy, Illustrator (on Noble Desktop's equivalent iOS Development Course for adult learners) 

Collaborate with an Industry Expert to Create Your Own App

Throughout the iOS summer program, students work to develop their own dynamic and unique app. Beyond learning how to program apps for iOS devices, students gain real-world skills as they experience first-hand what it takes to turn their ideas into reality 

Step-by-Step Exercises that Promote Active Learning

Our proven educational methods empower students to actively engage with class material. Students watch a short demonstration and then dive right into practicing skills on their own through expertly-crafted activities and projects.  

Highly Reviewed by Our Alumni

From our hands-on training style to world-class instructors and proprietary curriculum, we deliver a learning experience our alumni can be proud of.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you need to come in with any prior math or programming knowledge?

    Prior math or programming experience is not required for this course.

  • How many students are in a given class?

    NextGen's typical class ranges from 10-14 students, but we allow up to 17 students to register for our course. However, NextGen always maintains an 8:1 student to teacher ratio. 

  • Do I make my own app during the course?

    During the course, students will build multiple apps as a class and will be able to work on their own projects at the end of the class. 

  • Do you offer a payment plan for this course?

    Payment Plan

    This program is eligible for our payment plan. Select “payment plan” at checkout to enroll. A valid credit card must be on file for the duration of the program.

    • At checkout, you will only be charged a $250 non-refundable deposit which will be credited towards the last class in the program.
    • One week before the start date of each class in the program, you will be charged for that upcoming class.
    • You may be charged immediately for the first class if you sign up less than one week before the start date.
    • The total payments (including the $250 deposit) will equal the price of the program. There is no interest or additional fees.
    Take this course as part of a certificate program and save:
  • Can I take this course online (remote learning)?

    You may attend this training virtually (online) at the scheduled time the course is offered (New York, Eastern Time).

    How does attending “live online” work?
    • Students can attend this training remotely through screen sharing software (we use Zoom).
    • Participants can hear the instruction, ask questions, and even share their screen with the instructor.
    • For audio you can use your computer’s microphone/speakers or call a phone number that we’ll provide.
    • Classes are activity-based and taught by a live instructor, so we strongly encourage students who are local to the area to attend in person!

Learn more about our App Development Summer Course

Our iOS Development summer course is one of the most popular classes amongst our students! This course is great for students because it teaches them how to design, code, and build mobile applications. Students move beyond simply being "users" of apps and instead become the "creators" themselves! 

To create an app, developers need technical skills (coding) and design skills (user experience and user interface design). NextGen's App development course uses engaging activities and projects to teach kids! 

This course will be taught in Swift, Apple’s programming language that is used solely to build apps for iPhone and other Apple devices. Students will be coding Swift in Xcode, which is an integrated development environment for Apple. Throughout this course, students will learn how to use both Swift and Xcode, two of the most important tools in app development today!

Why Learn to become an App Developer at NextGen?

Easy to Learn: Swift is a great language for beginners to learn because it is remarkably similar to English and has limited syntax rules. Additionally, Xcode allows users to type Swift code and see the output on the same screen. This allows coders to program faster because they are receiving immediate feedback from their code. Furthermore, this gives students immediate gratification to see how every line of code they write contributes to building a new feature of the app!

Capitalize on Ideas: Through our curriculum, students learn how to use Swift to build apps, which means that after the class is over, students will have the skills to continue programming on their own! Students may go on to generate successful school projects and even businesses using the skills they learned over the summer. Students can even apply their skills to provide freelance app development services to tech companies, enabling them to make money and earn valuable job experience while they are still in school!

Ability to Create Anything: With the skills learned in this class, students will be able to create a variety of mobile applications. Whether students want to create a game, a utility tool, or an aggregator, this course has it covered! Students interested in gaming, software development, digital design, finance, or another industry entirely can all benefit from the technical skills and real-world activities presented in this summer class. 

Who should attend our App Dev Summer courses?

Our app development summer program is designed mainly for high school students but college students are welcomed as well! There is no math or coding pre-requisite for this course.

This course is a great introduction to the world of programming and computer science. Anyone who is interested in business, technology, entrepreneurship, journalism, and many other different jobs should attend. This course is also great for students with business ideas or those who are looking to gain technical skills to make money as a freelancer. App development is an amazingly versatile knowledge base that students can harness to turn their ideas into reality. 

App Development Course Detailed Overview

This is an applied course that starts with a detailed introduction to the tools used in this program: Swift, IOS, Xcode playground. We teach these tools through a guided app development project.

The first project is a simple dice application where students learn how to add auto layout constraints, formatting on different size screens, as well as positioning sections of the applications. In addition, students learn how to connect the user interface they developed with the code. Students will program the dice and the score using a random number import and conditional logic. The second part of the project includes adding more features to the dice app including location, menu, and other accessories within the application.

The second project in this course is a tip calculator, followed by other app development projects. This part of the course focuses on user experience features as well as making your app live and dynamic. This means that students will learn how to embed video into their app as well as learn how to make their app available for purchase in the app store. Finally, students will be able to share their hard work with friends and family! 

Interested in learning more than just App Development this summer? Check out our Fullstack Developer Intensive, in which students take our Web Dev Camp and Ruby on Rails in addition to App Development.

For adults interested in iOS Development, please check out our IOS bootcamp at Noble Desktop!