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Full-Stack Web & App Developer Immersive (LA)

Summer Coding Camp in LA for High School Students

Learn how to build, design, and develop websites, and application in this 4-week coding and development summer program. This course is divided into two parts: Web Development and App Development

Part 1: Web Development: Build Your Own Websites

Students will be taught HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. By the end of the session, each student has built his or her own website! 

Part 2: App Development: Create iOS Applications

Students will be taught Swift and Xcode. In these two weeks, students will create different IOS applications through step by step exercises.  

Prerequisites: This summer program is for ages 13-18. There are no prerequisites to attend, but students must be comfortable with basic computer skills and have a desire to learn at an advanced level.

  • Small Classes
  • Computer Provided
  • Top Instructors
  • Free Retake
Coffee website with background image, buttons, and links

Create impactful layouts with full background hero images, colorful social media icons, and a clear call-to-action.

NYC website mockups created with Photoshop

Create mockups for mobile, tablet, & desktop websites.

NYC website with CSS navigation menu

Learn to code mobile friendly navigation using only CSS!

HTML email marketing upcoming events

Learn to make great looking HTML emails.

Jive Factory website with JavaScript accordian

Create accordions to elegantly hide and show content.

Lake Tahoe website optimized for mobile

Learn to write media queries to create websites that work across multiple devices.

Develop Apps & Websites This Summer

This summer camp provides students with the perfect opportunity to learn how to code while developing high-tech projects. The course is taught at an 8:1 student to teacher ratio, allowing for plenty of personalized attention. By the end of each week, students apply their programming skills to their own projects, including developing the front and back-end of websites.

Exciting Activities for Active Learning

We believe in a hands-on, project-based approach to learning. Skip the boring lectures this summer and instead start coding, designing, and creating beginning on day one!

Two Students Collaborating

Cutting Edge Curriculum

Learn the techniques, tricks, and tools of the trade used by experts in the technology industry today. We continually develop our curriculum to make sure you build the skills that will put you on a path toward becoming Silicon Valley's next big software developer! 

Students learning coding in a class

Learn more about our Full-Stack Web & App Developer Immersive

This program is NextGen’s marquee program for summer 2019 in Los Angeles. This course will be both academically challenging and exciting for students. We at NextGen recommend this course to all of our students, especially those who are contemplating which course to take over the summer. There are countless reasons why NextGen's Full-Stack camp is the best choice out there, but we'll do our best to summarize them all within the five main reasons below: 

One of a Kind: We are the only coding camp in Los Angeles that will provide students with a certificate in coding, design, and development. In fact, we are the only coding school offering programming courses for high school students in Bergen County! Other companies offer two-week programs taught by inexperienced undergraduates, but we're offering a full-summer camp that includes three different courses, three excellent and experienced instructors, and an endless good time! 

Small Class, Small Program: Our Los Angeles class and our summer camp program are kept deliberately small. We are confident that this enables us to maintain the best program possible in terms of quality control, opportunities for social development, and targeted learning experiences. With only 15 students and 2 teachers in our Los Angeles classroom, our instructors can provide frequent individualized attention to every student, and our directors can provide meaningful daily support for our instructors. On top of that, rather than worry about the social dynamic unraveling in a camp with hundreds of kids, students in our program bond with classmates and instructors quickly and effortlessly, creating a comfortable and nurturing learning environment for the duration of the summer. Finally, with an 8:1 student to teacher ratio, students themselves dictate the pace of the class through their demonstration of concept mastery. We are able to make sure everyone has reached learning goals before we move on to the next topic! 

Learn 4 languages in 4.5 weeks: Students grasp concepts quickly as a result of our highly immersive curriculum. In a short period of time, students will become fluent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Swift. Additionally, students will develop competency in Sketch and Xcode. After completing this program, students can list each of these as separate skills on their college application, resume, or their career portfolio! 

Academic Advancement: Parents, students, and we at NextGen have the same goal in mind: find the perfect balance of fun and productivity this summer. We designed this course so that students can have fun building, designing, and exploring their creative side while learning one of the most important 21st-century skills: coding! Students will have a great time learning concepts that will allow them to excel in their high school courses, place out of college courses, and advance more quickly in their academic and professional careers! 

Who should attend our Summer courses?

Our Full-Stack Web & App Developer course is designed primarily for high school students, but college students are welcomed as well! There is no math or coding pre-requisite for this course.

This course is a fantastic introduction to the world of programming and design. The course can also be a great fit for students with business ideas or looking to gain technical skills for freelance. App & Web development are highly sought-after, versatile skills that students can use to turn their ideas into reality. 

More about the Program:

This camp is great for students who are interested in exploring the fields of design, coding, and digital art. This is also a great program for younger students who benefit from frequent feedback and immediate gratification, as they'll see what they are coding come to life right before their eyes! This program runs for the last 4 weeks of the summer is divided into two sections: Web Development and App Development.  

During the first portion of the program, App Development, students learn how to build apps using Swift and X-code. Students are able to create two different mobile applications within the first week! This course is a great starting place for students because they'll learn foundational computer science topics while engaging in the exciting task of creating their own app. 

The second part of this course is Web Development, which is an award-winning course taught by an award-winning instructor. This course was also voted the top course by Newsweek & Switch up. The Web Dev course will teach students how to code & design the front-end of the websites to make them user-friendly as well as the back-end to make the websites reactive.

At the end of the program, students will leave with a web and app development certificate and an extensive portfolio that includes original websites and apps.