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Software Engineering Summer Camp (NJ)

Computer Science Summer Camps in NJ

This 4-week course is jam-packed with valuable skills and techniques used by software developers in the field today. The program is divided into two parts, with each part introducing a collection of activities and projects that will ensure students are actively engaged and coding throughout each day!  

Part 1: Java and Computer Science

Students learn Java, a high-level programming language that is made up of countless transferrable skills and concepts. Topics that we'll cover include object-oriented programming and recursion.

Part 2: Python and Data Science

Students learn how to write code Python. The Python language is rooted in mathematical computation, which enables students to also learn the principals of data science and how to visualize and analyze complex data sets. 

Prerequisites: This summer program is for ages 13-19. There are no prerequisites to attend, but students must be comfortable with basic computer skills and have a desire to learn at an advanced level.

Scheduling Note: Class will not be held on July 4th and 5th. 

  • Small Classes
  • Computer Provided
  • Top Instructors
  • Free Retake

Break into the World of Computer Science

Both Python and Java are remarkably popular and easy to learn programming languages that will give you immediate access to the world of coding and software development! Beyond learning the most widely-used languages today, the skills and concepts that you'll learn in this course are applicable to a range of more advanced coding languages and will bring you one step closer to a career in technology and digital design. 

Project-Based Learning

We believe in a hands-on, project-based approach to learning. Skip the boring lectures this summer and instead start coding, designing, and creating on day one!

Expert Instructor Helping Student

World-Class Curriculum

Learn the techniques, tricks, and tools of the trade used by experts in the technology industry today. We continually develop our curriculum to make sure you build the skills that will put you on a path toward becoming Silicon Valley's next big software engineer! 

Row of Students Learning

Learn More about our Software Engineering Immersive

This certificate class was NextGen’s top-selling and reviewed class last summer. This course will prepare students for the world of technology by teaching them the two most important language in coding today, Java and Python! For example, Java and Python are basically the coding language version of English and Spanish. This course will be challenging but students will reap the benefits of these skills for years to come. We recommend this course to students because of 5 unique reasons!

Master 2 Languages in 4 weeks: Since this course teaches in an immersive style over a short period of time, students are able to grasp concepts faster and learn languages quicker. This allows students to be a beginner in Python or Java and fluent two weeks later. Our class approach is hands-on, active learning with minimal lectures. This allows students to become better programmers faster. Additionally, knowing both of these languages and having them on your resume shows colleges and the world that you understand the world of technology and the main languages it uses.

Learn Data Science & OOP: These are the last set of skills taught in the Python and Java class respectively. Data science is the number one emerging field in Python and is an important skill in any type of job today. We live in a world surrounded by data and data science is the field that teaches students how to collect, analyze, and visualize the data. For example, when Netflix recommends a type of show this is data science at work. At Netflix, they employ programmers to analyze your show data and create a program that recommends a show to you! The next topic you will learn is OOP. This stands for Object-Oriented Programming which is a way of programming involving objects over actions. The purpose of this is structure programs for re-usability, this is especially important when you are working with other programmers.

Learn How to Think Algorithmically: The languages taught in this course have a fair bit of computational and conditional logic. Certain topics such as loops require the brain to think in an alternate way then it’s used to. After learning these topics for a couple of weeks, students are able to train their brain to think in step by step processes. This thinking is the most important skill in programming and in life. Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Ray Dalio all have said that learning to think algorithmically is the most important skill in today’s economy.

Prepare for University: Both of these languages are taught on a university level. Taking this course will allow students to place out of courses in college or get a head start! Additionally, the Java half of the program will allow students to prepare for their AP course in their high school or skip the course and take the test on its own!

Who should attend our Software Engineering Intensive courses?

Our Software Engineering Immersive course is designed mainly for high-school students but college students are welcomed as well! There is no math or coding pre-requisite for this course.

More in Depth Look at The Course

This course is a great introductory to the world of programming and computer science. Anyone who is interested in business, technology, entrepreneurship, journalism, and many other different jobs. This is also a great program for younger students since these are both introductory courses that can benefit their academic future. This program runs for the first 4.5 weeks of the summer is divided into two sections: Python and Java.

The first half of this course is focused on teaching Java and computer science principles. This course will run students through the Java language from its syntax to OOP. Please check out the bottom of the Java Course page for more detail!

The second half of the course will focus mainly on programming using Python. This course will cover Python programming principles as well as Python and its use in data science. Please check out the bottom of the Python Course page for more detail!