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Meetup For Noble Students

Design & Build Your Own Website

When you enroll in the Web Design or Web Development Certificate Programs, you can join our meetup group to work on your own website, getting support from an instructor as well as fellow students.

Work on Any Website, Including Your Portfolio

Start thinking about the site you want to create! Talk about your ideas at the meetup group and get feedback from not only the teacher, but other people who are learning just like you. A communal mind of different perspectives will ultimately help you develop a better site. Talking to others about your ideas will also help you develop presentation skills for working with clients on real-world projects.

Practice & Get Feedback

The best way to continue improving your coding skills is to practice on real life projects. This is the place to get started, get motivated, and get input! If you want to work during the meetup you must bring a laptop. Don’t have one? No worries. Put files on Dropbox, a USB drive, or whatever is easiest for you and you can still get feedback and guidance.

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Turn a wireframe into a website design