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Typography is much more than just picking out a font from the pre-selected assortment on your computer. It is an artistic expression of language, based on precise positioning and appearance.

Typography encompasses all the tiny technical nuances and variables that go into creating that look that is capable of telling half the story on its own. It is very easy to distinguish the amateur typographers from the professionals, and with this course you are on the road to going pro.

Through the structure of studio lectures, in-class assignments, discussions, comprehensive projects and critiques we will explore the function and meaning behind typography. We will cover the history of typography and apply it to real world design assignments. Within these assignments we will discuss letterform anatomy and function; we will discuss how to choose an appropriate typeface and how to use this typeface effectively through the hierarchy of size and with leading, kerning and paragraph structure.

The assignments are designed to allow you to explore and apply the concepts discussed in each class. Each assignment is creative yet simple: we will repeatedly use letterforms in different ways to create a variety of printed matter.

It is imperative that you take notes and learn to apply the techniques we discuss in class to your every day design assignments. The instructor will always be available for help and will often provide extra material for reference outside the classroom.


  1. Understand typographic concepts and the application of these ideas towards real world print and screen design.
  2. Learn how to make appropriate typographic decisions.
  3. Develop skills that will take you from amateur designer to typographic professional.
  4. Practice presenting and critiquing work in a group setting.

About the Instructor

With 20 years of accomplishment in graphic design and advertising, Alfred Assin specializes in branding and identity. His work spans a wide array of industries, with clients including Douglas Elliman, Robert K. Futterman, GlaxoSmithKline, The Wynn Hotel & Casino, Cartier, Bass Shoes, and Maurice Villency. He has worked for top agencies such as Frankfurt Balkind and AgencySacks, as well as boutique firms like slover [and] company and Graj + Gustavsen. He maintains his own freelance consultancy, Mr. Grey, where he’s added UI and UX skills to his design toolkit, expanding his branding and identity work to websites and mobile device applications. Alfred is exceptionally attuned to client needs and adept in utilizing technology, design, and marketing strategies to maximize the impact of his clients’ advertising campaigns.

  • 18 Hours
  • Small classes
  • Mac or PC provided
  • Free retake

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  • Logo Design by Brett Wilson

  • Dada Cookbook by Brett Wilson

  • Blue Note CD Cover by Emma Chao

  • Logo Design by Matt Hageman, Ela Prizmic, & Blanny Couto

  • Stacked Type Recipe by Emma Chao

  • Book Cover by Teresa Maciag

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