In this class you will create prototypes for mobile and web applications. Prototyping is the act of creating starter versions of your website or app to simulate the user experience of what will eventually be the final product. You will learn how prototyping can give you valuable feedback from users early in the development process so you can fine-tune the look, feel and performance of your website. You will also practice evaluating design concepts objectively and learn how to gain insights through testing with actual users. This class takes you through the journey of iterative design with a focus on common business goals such as improved conversions and user engagement.


  • Develop a series of low-fidelity and high-fidelity prototypes
  • Interview and observe real users completing tasks with your prototypes
  • Build proficiency with the Justinmind Prototyper software
  • Understand where prototyping fits within your personal workflow
  • Support design decisions through prototyping and testing


  • Paper Prototype
  • Interactive Prototype
  • Recruitment Screener
  • Test Script
  • Design Presentation