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2-hour Premium Seminar

HAIR: The Seminar

Photoshop Advanced Hair Selection/Silhouetting

This seminar addresses one of the most difficult parts of creating a realistic and beautiful photo composite: selecting and masking hair. Creating clean and detailed masks are the key to all retouching. You’ll gain insight into making photo-illustrations and learn to combine images into a seamless composition.

In this lecture-style, 2-hour class you'll learn 3 different techniques for selecting and masking hair, starting with a simple but detailed example and ending with an extremely complicated image requiring multiple tools and techniques. You’ll learn about:

  • Evaluating an image and determining what tools will be most effective for making a selection
  • Using the Quick Selection tool in concert with the Refine Edge command
  • How to use channels to make a mask
  • Refining a mask with filters, curves, and the paint brush
  • Combining an image with soft edges with a new background
  • Creating texture and form using shaped brushes
  • Tips and tricks to make selections quickly and effectively
  • And more...

These techniques will take your retouching to the next level, and will give you a basis for making selections and masks that are both detailed and realistic.

This seminar is not for beginners. It’s for people that have prior experience using Photoshop and want to take their selection and masking skills to the next level.

Upcoming Seminars

  • No seminars scheduled at this time.

Price: $50

  • 2 hours
  • Custom Written Workbook Included
  • In New York City and Live Online

New York City seminars are held at:
594 Broadway, Suite 1202 (between Prince & Houston) Map

  • Learn to silhouette hair & replace backgrounds.

  • This photo has good contrast between the hair & background.

  • Look at all the detail in the layer mask!

  • Here she is on a different background.

  • Fly away hairs? Not a problem, you’ll learn how to select them.

  • Here he is on a different background.

  • Silhouetting frizzy hair on a low contrast background can be challenging.

  • Here she is on a new background.

Includes a Workbook

Attendees receive a 35-page workbook that includes step by step instructions and sample images so you can practice and remember the techniques demonstrated.