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3-Hour Workshop

New York City Street Photography Tour

Spend 3 hours on a Saturday learning how to take professional photographs in New York City. We’ll begin with a 1-hour crash course in how to use your Digital SLR: setting exposure, f-stop, shutter speed, ISO and white balance. Then we’ll look at the work of some great street photographers, discussing photographic composition on the street. Then we’ll head out to one of NYC’s downtown neighborhoods where we’ll troubleshoot technical & practical issues that come up while shooting, looking at, and discussing each other’s work.

Along the way we'll take advantage of the greatness that New York City has to offer. Your guide will be accomplished photographer Ben Russell, who has specialized in street photography over the years. Ben will help you to focus on strong composition. The difference between a basic and well-composed shot can be dramatic!

If you want to learn how to manage and edit your photos (a digital editing workflow) using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom there's a 3 hour sesion following the tour (pricing below). For more detail on that check out our complete Digital Photography in a Day.

Pricing & Registration

NYC Street Photography Tour

3 hour tour: $150 (bring your own camera)

Another Option

Take it as part of Digital Photography in a Day

$300 for both sessions: NYC Street Photography Tour as well as Managing & Editing Photos

The unemployment discount does not apply to these classes.

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