In this crash course, we will go over the technical topics covered in traditional investment banking and finance interviews. From accounting to corporate finance and leveraged buyouts, this course will prepare you to answer any technical question thrown your way.

The curriculum aggregates information from multiple investment banking interview preparation guides and presents the key information in the most comprehensible way. You will master concepts by completing "mini-projects" that review components of various financial models.

What is included in the program?

  • Four hours of small group training (due to COVID-19, the training will be held "live online" where you can attend from anywhere and interact with the instructor in real-time)
  • A financial modeling and accounting guide
  • Approximately 20 short video tutorials to reinforce concepts and supplement the "live online" course

Prerequisites & Notes

  • There are no formal prerequisites for this course, but to ensure we can cover the information needed, a pre-learning guide will be circulated before the class.
  • This program focuses on the technical interview portion of interviews only. "Personal interview prep" and company or bank-specific questions will not be addressed.
  • We strongly encourage those who are starting a position in finance or investment banking to attend our Financial Modeling Summer Program. Register for the Interview Prep and Financial Modeling Program together and save $200 (email us). 

Instructor & Curriculum

The curriculum has been handcrafted by graduates of the Wharton Business School and NYU Stern. The instructor for this course has been teaching financial concepts for the past five years and graduated summa cum laude from The Wharton School. Additionally, the instructor has worked at H/2 Capital, a credit hedge fund, and as an investment banking summer analyst at Credit Suisse.