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Dreamweaver CC Level 2

CSS Intensive Training

In this training you’ll learn how to use CSS for more complex page layouts, using div tags and positioning, Server-Side Includes and more.

We’ll take CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) way beyond text styling and see what they can really do. You’ll center align div tags and create 2 and 3 column layouts using relative positioning. You’ll learn how to float elements into position, how “inline” versus “block” elements work, how to create better rollovers with CSS instead of JavaScript, and much more. CSS page layout gives you the ultimate power to change a website's entire design by changing a few styles.

  • Learn to create modern sites using divs and CSS (no tables!).

  • Learn to use floats and clearing, and how to get them working across all browsers.

  • Make beautiful rounded corner boxes that can be resized and reused.

  • Use JavaScript to change CSS and easily create pages that are interactive and SEO friendly.

  • Create CSS rollovers—no JavaScript required!

  • Replace text with images to get elegant graphics and maximum SEO.

  • Learn to make multi-column layouts using divs and CSS.

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  • 18 hours of Hands-On Training
  • Custom Written Workbook Included
  • Mac or PC

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To make the perfect class we had to write our own workbooks which are included with each class.

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What You’ll Learn

Section 1
CSS Page Layout with Divs


  • Using Div Tags and CSS for Page Layout
  • Adding a Reset CSS
  • Styling the Div Tags
The Box Model: Padding, Margins, Borders


  • Applying Borders
  • When to Use Padding versus Margins
  • Using Absolute Positioning to Layer a Div over Other Content
Nested Selectors & More Box Model


  • Applying Padding/Margins to Headings & Paragraphs
  • Using Nested Selectors for Targeted Formatting
  • Styling Links
Floats & Clearing


  • Floating Images beside Text and Adding Margin Space
  • Positioning with Negative Margins

Section 2
Creating Two Columns with Floats


  • Creating Columns
  • Clearing Floats
  • Fixing an IE “hasLayout” Bug


  • Sharing Styles across a Website
  • Setting a Minimum Width
Using JavaScript to Change CSS


  • Making a Div Appear/Disappear when the User Clicks a Button
CSS Rollovers


  • Adding Background Images upon Rollover (Hover)
  • Changing Opacity upon Rollover, and Getting it to Work in IE
Section 3
Replacing Text with an Image Using CSS


  • Replacing HTML Text with CSS Background Images
  • Centering Elements with Auto Margins
Rounded Corners


  • Creating Rounded Corners with CSS3
Centered 2-Column Layout


  • Center Aligning a Div-based Layout
  • Creating a 2-Column Layout with Divs
  • Using Floats and Clear
  • Copying and Pasting CSS Styles between Documents
Section 4
More Absolute Versus Relative Positioning


  • Using Absolute Positioning inside Relative Positioned Divs
CSS List Navbar: Text-Based


  • Creating a Horizontal Text Navbar from an HTML List
  • CSS Text Hovers
  • Dealing with a Div Collapse when All Content Is Floated
CSS Sprites Navbar: Images Replace Text


  • Building a Navbar with CSS Sprites
  • Using Image Replacement in a Navbar
  • Using Lists to Create a Horizontal Navbar
  • CSS Image Rollovers (No JavaScript Required)

Section 5
Use CSS to Indicate Current Page in Navbar


  • Marking the Current Page in a Navbar with CSS
  • Marking the Body Tag for Use in Nested Selectors
  • Specificity: Understanding Which CSS Styles Win over Others
Server-Side Includes (SSI)


  • Easily Reusing Content across an Entire Site with SSI
  • Creating and Using Server-Side Includes
  • Site Root Relative Linking
Sporktown: Centered Page Layout


  • Creating Striped Background Sections (Full Width of the Page)
  • Centering Content within the Striped Sections
  • Dealing with a Div Collapse when All Content Is Floated
Section 6
Sporktown: Column Hovers


  • Adding a CSS Hover to Large Sections of Content
  • Using a Clearfix to Prevent Collapse
Sporktown: Centered 3-Column Layout (Divs)


  • Creating a 3-Column Layout with Divs
  • Reordering Columns Visually without Reordering the Code