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UX & UI Design Certificate (2020)

UX & UI Design Courses in NYC

Learn to Design the UX/UI of Websites & Apps

From prototyping, to user research and testing, to creating visual designs in Sketch, you’ll learn how to create effective designs in this 72-hour certificate program.

Learn UX (User Experience) Design

The goal of UX design is to make it as simple and efficient as possible for users to accomplish their goals, which is often called user-centered design.

Learn UI (User Interface) Design

The goal of UI design is to make things look attractive and legible, all while keeping user experience (UX) principals in mind so it both looks great and works great.

Learn Sketch, Photoshop, & Illustrator

Sketch is great for wireframing, prototyping, and building final visual designs. Photoshop is useful for improving photographs and creating graphics to use in your designs. Illustrator is for drawing/editing vector graphics including logos, icons, and patterns.

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  • Computer Provided
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Learn UX & UI Design at a Leading School in NYC

The UX & UI Design Certificate includes classes in UX design, UI design (or Visual Design), Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator. You’ll learn about the UX design process, UI design, creating prototypes and designs in Sketch, photo editing in Photoshop, vector drawing in Illustrator, and walk away with portfolio work to show to prospective employers.

If you already know Photoshop or Illustrator, you can take Adobe XD instead. The class order is flexible, but you must take Sketch before the Visual Design Bootcamp (and ideally Photoshop in a Day before it as well).

  • “Noble Desktop has an incredible plethora of design courses that they teach in depth and will really change any designers life. It's also great to get a refresher and learn all of the new updates in any design or web related program. Thank you!”

    Treeva Royes

    Learned how to design for UX and UI with Sketch

  • “I just completed the UX Design Bootcamp and highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about UX. The class gave a very comprehensive overview into the philosophy and process of UX, showed real world UX case study examples and then had us apply the UX process to our own class project. In the end I built a working prototype of an app that was based on and informed by me conducting actual user interviews, personas, journey maps, etc. etc. It was a great experience to apply the UX process to building my app all while learning a new program—Sketch. The last class everyone presented their case study and app—very inspiring to see what some of my class mates accomplished in a few weeks! ”

    Noreen O.

    Learned UX Design concepts in the UX Design Bootcamp

  • “The Visual Design Bootcamp class offers great tips and direction for building websites visually and accurately. I learned so much in just 3 days and felt prepared to start my own projects right away. Dan is a patient instructor and gives great advice on your project throughout the 3-day class.”

    Victoria Greiss

  • “Noble Desktop provided a fun & productive learning environment - "Photoshop In A Day" is a great course for casual users who need a refresher in fundamentals or beginners who are using Adobe for the first time. Looking forward to my next opportunity to participate in another class!”

    Jessica Mastroserio

  • “A good class for the novice or the professional who might not know everything they think they should when it comes to Illustrator.”

    Alicia Goodwin

    Learned Adobe Illustrator

  • “There's no other place to go for digital course instruction. Noble Desktop is a one-stop place to be.”

    Linda Pouder

    Learned Sketch for UI and UX Design

  • “My professional experience up to this point has been primarily print based so when I learned Noble Desktop had a web and mobile class geared toward visual designers, such as myself, I immediately signed up and was very pleased with the results. The three day course offered an in-depth overview of visual theory, communication design, technical processes, industry practices and standards as it relates to cross platform web design. The assignments were pertinent, engaging and offered an opportunity to learn from fellow classmates. The course instructor was a highly effective instructor, attentive to each student and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend this class to others seeking to make a positive career change.”

    James Massey

Learn the UX Design Process

Learn the UX Design process by conducting a user interview, sketching a prototype for an app, and then turning your sketch into an app prototype on your phone.

UX processes, including user flows and scenarios

Practice Working in a UX Team

In our UX classes, you’ll work as a team to solve user needs, use paper prototypes to verify assumptions, prioritize tasks based on user research, create prototypes with Sketch and InVision, and practice giving client presentations.

Students learning UX in hands-on class

Prototype & Design in Sketch

Learn UX & UI by applying the process to a project that will provide your first portfolio piece. Take a project from initial idea to clickable prototype—it can be a real-life challenge, an app idea, or a website idea.

Create a Clickable Prototype