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“I very enthusiastically recommend Noble Desktop to professionals looking to further their education related to coding, web, and graphic design. The Web Development Level One Class I took was taught by Cathline Marshall. Cathline was one of the best teachers I have ever had. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable but her teaching style was cutting edge. She engaged the entire class and made great efforts to make sure each and every student pushed themselves and maximized every class moment. I was particularly amazed by the consistency in energy Cathline maintained from start to finish in what was quite a long class. The syllabus fit a ton of information in three days. I truly walked away with a great understanding of HTML & CSS coding.”

Brett Clugston


Hype Marketing by Brett

Apr 11, 2014

“It was a great class with a ton of material presented in a short period of time but it all seemed to come together in the end. The instructor, Ethan, was excellent. He was able to keep things moving for three straight days without losing any steam and provided real world insight even beyond the course material (which was also excellent). Thanks Noble for a great experience.”

Derek Riddle

Business Analyst, Director

DefinedLogic, LLC

Apr 4, 2014

“The basic Photoshop class was superb - the coursebook is reference quality, and the teacher really knows his stuff and makes the extra effort to make sure students understand the concepts behind the software's actions and features.”

James Askew

Creative Quality Assurance

Apr 3, 2014

“Perfect class for those who want to enhance a little more over traditional DTP.”

Paulo Mello

Creative Director / Designer

Mar 31, 2014

“Matt, our instructor, was AWESOME. They guy really knows his stuff and his laid back teaching style was comfortable and stress free. I left this course feel more ready than ever, and truly inspired, to be the best I could be as a Ruby on Rails programmer. Highly recommended for beginners as well as professionals seeking to be reassured they are doing things the correct way. Noble Desktop is great!”

Devin O'Daniel

ICT Associate

Success Academy Charter Schools

Mar 31, 2014

“After paying money in other courses that lacked structure and professionalism, finding Noble Desktop was a total relief.”

Annelisse Barrundia

IT Assistant

United Nations

Mar 20, 2014

“The PHP & MySQL class has the most fantastic instructor in this universe.”

Tom Seymour


Minot State University

Mar 20, 2014

“You can do awesome stuff with jQuery.”

Jaclene Prongay

Mar 17, 2014

“Noble Desktop makes it so straightforward and easy to learn Photoshop, even if you have never opened the program before. Their watch and learn first approach is excellent as the instructor will guide you step by step through each exercise before then going through it yourself. This allows for each lesson to really be covered twice, helping you to take in each aspect of the program better.”

Alan Perlman

Mar 17, 2014

“I limped lamely along with Photoshop for many years, and taking the beginner class at Noble Desktop was the first time I really enjoyed it! I was happy and excited to go to class every time even though it was 3 hours at might after a long day at the office! I am so excited to learn more and now I think of Photoshop as a friend and not as a bad boyfriend that I don't understand.”

Angela Carlino

Associate Art Director

Random House

Mar 13, 2014

“Well structured classroom instruction with actual coding exercises. A good way to up your skills with CSS in a short time.”

Douglas McGredy

Art Director

Mar 12, 2014

“This class covered things that I've always known about in Photoshop, but that I never felt I had a firm grasp on. It was great to learn the right way to do almost everything.”

Stephanie Baumer


Taylor Design

Feb 27, 2014

“This is the second class I have taken and Scott is definitely a great teacher. He is always making sure he shares best practices when it comes to coding and is really committed to letting everyone in.”

Walter Aucaylle

Feb 21, 2014

“Noble Desktop is a great option for learning for all career levels in designs/development—not to mention the prices are fantastic. The teachers are patient, down to earth and super helpful. Definitely the best investment I have made in a long time!”

Jasmine Hernandez


Feb 14, 2014

“Web Development 1 gave me the foundation I needed to move forward in my career!”

Danielle DeMilia

Graphic Designer

Party Rental Ltd

Feb 13, 2014

“This is the perfect course for anyone who wants to learn web development in a short amount of time. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is willing to learn web development.”

Carl Spana

Feb 12, 2014

“Very good class, covered the information thoroughly and succinctly. At the end of the class I felt confident in my understanding of the topic.”

Edd Clark

Manager, e-Media

Prudential Investments

Feb 10, 2014

“Noble Desktop gave me the skills I needed to be just dangerous enough in Photoshop....and then a bit more!”

Steven Capone



Feb 7, 2014

“A different methodology in teaching where you are more inclined to absorb the material. A great class to learn the most recent tips and tricks, learn from real-world example websites, and follow along with a detailed workbook.”

Awakash Bodiwala

Web Developer


Feb 4, 2014

“I have been to a million of these types of courses and this one was by far the best. Top-notch instructor and excellent course design. Highly recommend!”

Ryan Parker

Senior Internet Marketing Manager

Prospect Mortgage

Feb 3, 2014

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