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State of the Art Web Design: What Can I Do Now?

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NYC: Thu, May 8, 6–8pm

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Web design is always evolving. New technologies let us do more, and do it easier and faster! As exciting as these improvement are, it is tough to keep up to date with all of the changes. In this seminar, we'll bring you up to speed on what's happening today in web development. You'll learn what new things are viable for you to be using in websites today. Come see a slew of new, cool things that you can start using right away!


  • What is it and how does it change things?
  • New Elements
  • HTML5 Boilerplate
  • What is Canvas?
  • What is SVG?


  • Animations (Transitions)
  • Drop Shadows
  • Rounded Corners
  • Gradients
  • Targeting Mobile Devices, Tablets & Desktops with Media Queries
  • Easily Generate CSS3 code with Adobe Fireworks
  • Use Real Fonts on your webpages!

jQuery & JavaScript

  • What's the difference between CSS & jQuery animation?
  • When to use jQuery versus CSS
  • Modernizr

New Tools

  • Adobe Muse, what does it do and is it viable?
  • Adobe Edge Animate, what does it do and is it viable?
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New York City seminars are held at:
594 Broadway, Suite 1202 (between Prince & Houston) Map