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JavaScript & jQuery

Web Development Level 3 Training

Kick your sites up a notch by adding animation and interactivity for amazing user experiences. Words just don’t do this training justice, so be sure to check out the examples to truly see how cool it is.

You’ll start by learning the fundamentals of JavaScript code, and then get into jQuery. jQuery is an industry standard framework that lets you quickly and easily write powerful JavaScript. With it you’ll create animated slideshows, lightboxes (image enlargers), show/hide content and more. Once you know jQuery, you can add much cool stuff to websites!

This advanced level course is for people who have experience building webpages. It is a coding class, so HTML & CSS knowledge equivalent to our Web Development Level 2 class is expected.

  • Create accordions to elegantly hide and show content.

  • Carousel sliders let you easily scroll through content.

  • Create cycle slideshows that you can fully control.

  • Learn to make great-looking gallery slideshows.

  • Create robust client-side form validation with ease.

  • Provide helpful text suggestions in forms with a bit of JavaScript.

  • Cycles are a great way to display lots of content in a little area.

  • Learn how to hide and show content to keep your layouts clean.

What You’ll Learn

Section 1
Fundamentals of JavaScript Code


  • JavaScript Methods (Such as Alerts)
  • Variables
  • The Importance of Quotes
  • Numbers vs. Strings
  • Concatenation
Reusing Code with Functions


  • Defining Functions
  • Calling Functions
  • Defining Parameters & Passing Arguments
Simple Accordion with JavaScript


  • Targeting Elements by ID
  • Hiding & Showing Elements with JavaScript
If Statements: Clearing Form Fields


  • Testing Code in the JavaScript Console
  • Getting & Setting Properties
  • Using If Statements
  • Reshowing Text Hints in Empty Form Fields

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  • 12 hours of Hands-On Training
  • Custom Written Workbook Included
  • Mac or PC

We Literally Wrote the Book!

JavaScript & jQuery Workbook

To make the perfect class we had to write our own workbooks which are included with each class.

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Section 2
Show/Hide Content with jQuery Animation


  • Getting Started with jQuery
  • Running Code When the Document is Ready
  • Click Events
  • Using jQuery’s slideToggle()
  • Supporting JavaScript Disabled Users
Sharing JavaScript Across Pages


  • Externalizing JavaScript
  • Linking to the JavaScript File
jQuery Hover Animation


  • Adding an Outline with CSS
  • Using jQuery Hover()
  • Using jQuery Animate()
More Advanced jQuery Show/Hide


  • Adding an Animation to Reveal Hidden Content
  • Targeting the Proper Div: Traversing the Document
  • Swapping the Button Image with jQuery
Section 3
jQuery Lightbox: A Popup Image Viewer


  • Linking to the Plugin Files
  • Initializing the Popup
  • Grouping the Photos Into a Gallery
  • Adding Captions
  • Removing the Counter
  • Customizing the Appearance
jQuery Cycle: A Simple Slideshow


  • Initial Setup
  • Defining What Content Gets Cycled
  • Adding More Cycles & Exploring Options
  • Reversing the Animation
jQuery Cycle: Adding Slideshow Controls


  • Preventing a Possible “Flash Of Unstyled Content”
  • Enabling the Slideshow
  • Adding & Customizing the Controls
Section 4
jQuery Cycle: Adding a Pause Button


  • Adding a Pause/Play Button
  • Styling the Pause/Play Button
  • Checking to See if the Cycle is Paused
  • Making the Pause/Play Button Work
jQuery Form Validation


  • Initializing the Plugin & Setting Options
  • Customizing the Error Messages
  • Changing the Location of the Error Messages
  • Styling the Error Messages
jQuery Image Carousel


  • Linking to the Plugin Files
  • Creating the Carousel
  • Styling the Carousel
  • An Easy Way to Add Prev & Next Buttons
  • Custom Prev & Next Buttons
  • Setting How Many Items are Shown