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Digital Publishing

Master publishing for the digital age.

Noble Desktop is proud to offer a Certificate in Digital Publishing program, approved by the New York State Department of Education. Once completed, students will be fully equipped with the skills they need to be up to date with cutting-edge Digital Publishing techniques. Our program covers InDesign, HTML/CSS, Photoshop, and Illustrator, ranging in levels from beginner to advanced skills that are specifically geared towards the modern digital publishing landscape. With a grand total of 138 hours of intensive, step-by-step training, students will have the foundation they need to master the growing field of Digital Publishing. Students who already have some of these skills (or have equivalent experience) need only take the remaining classes to complete the certificate.

The cost for the ten courses comprising the Certificate in Digital Publishing would normally be $7475 if taken separately. However, we offer the complete program at a special price of $6000. If students have previously taken one or more of the courses in the program, they can finish the program and a discount will be offered so that the final price to complete the program is $6000 or less. If students have equivalent experience in any of the programs above, our standard discounts will be applied to other courses necessary to complete the certificate.

To sign up, just select the classes you would like to take from our schedule. On the Registration Page, mention “Certificate in Digital Publishing” in the comments field. We will make sure you receive whatever discounts are necessary to achieve the certificate at the lowest possible price.

Noble Desktop Certificate

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This comprehensive InDesign course teaches you everything you need to know to start creating layouts for ads, books, magazines and more. We'll cover basic layouts, text and graphics manipulation, drawing tools (bezier curves), color creation and application, style sheets, master pages, multiple pages, baseline grid, hyphenation, libraries, indexing, book creation, essential typography rules, and much more.

Digital Publishing Suite

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Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) is used to create the digital editions of magazines such as Wired, Martha Stewart and more. Learn to create digital magazines for devices such as the iPad and Android tablets by creating layouts in InDesign as you currently do, but incorporating additional advanced functionality including video, slideshows, 360° panoramas, horizontal/vertical layouts and more.

Web Development Level 1: Build Sites with HTML & CSS

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Jump in and start learning how to build websites. You’ll hand code HTML and CSS from scratch so you understand what the code means and how to write it. In class you will create multi-page websites with text, images, forms, and more... all styled with CSS. You’ll upload your files using FTP to make the site live, and walk out of class ready to build your first site.

eBooks with InDesign

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Making eBooks takes different skills than creating print books. Let us show you how it’s done! We teach you how to create ePub files that work on Apple’s iPad and iPhone, Nook and other eReaders, as well as how to create Mobi files for Amazon’s Kindle. Please note: You must take Web Development Level 1 (or have equivalent experience) before taking this course.

Web Development Level 2: Dive Deeper Into CSS

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In our Level 1 course we teach the fundamentals of CSS, but there is so much more it can do! In this course you’ll learn how to use CSS positioning to create more sophisticated layouts. You will create center-aligned and multi-column pages using relative positioning and floats. You’ll learn how inline versus block elements work, create CSS rollovers, and much more.

JavaScript & jQuery

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Learning JavaScript code gives you the power to write your own scripts or use freely available JavaScript frameworks, including the industry standard: jQuery. In this class you will get hands-on experience writing real, working code. You’ll learn how to create animated slideshows with transitions such as fades or slides, create animated image enlargers, show/hide additional content and more.

HTML Email

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HTML gives email personality—no wonder it has become a staple of advanced communications. Everyone can benefit from sending HTML email, whether it’s large corporations or small businesses and freelancers. This class will cover building and working with two different layouts: a simple one-time email and a weekly newsletter. You'll learn how to lay out emails, apply email-friendly CSS, make a table of contents, and fix various email client issues.


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This introductory through intermediate Adobe Photoshop class emphasizes understanding the elements of an image, from pixels to halftone dots. You will work on dozens of images, gaining hands-on experience of everything from simple color correction to complex photo retouching, so you’ll understand the process from scanned image to printed piece. The course covers retouching, layers, masks, paths, channels, special filters, trapping, and much, much more!

Photoshop for Web & UI

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Learn how to use Photoshop to create and optimize graphics for web and user interface design. You’ll create wireframes and turn them into finished designs that are optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop screens. You’ll learn how to design on grids, extract image assets, create hi‑res 2x graphics, and so much more.


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A completely hands-on approach to creating illustrations, type and graphics with Adobe Illustrator. Students create numerous illustrations to learn and practice strategies for easy execution. The course covers drawing, typography, compound paths, effects, basic 3D objects, layers, masks, patterns, blends, colors, and much more. Experience working with other Adobe graphics programs is strongly recommended before taking this course.


Noble Desktop Workbooks

Study at home with the same books we use in our classes. Step-by-step exercises walk you through multiple projects, each dealing with different aspects of the program. It’s the next best thing to taking a course.

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